Rodrigo Chavez has warned that drug-related killings will not decline in 2024 unless “drastic” legal reforms are made

According to the President, today criminals are escaping faster than the police can handle their paperwork.

The President reiterated that the responsibility of civil defense falls on the deputy to keep the hitman behind bars

violence and murders drug smugglers will remain Rise In 2024 If there is no change in the law allowing the imposition behind bars till hitmanPresident Rodrigo Chavez warned.

To do this, it is necessary to modify the criminal rules to implement a “strong hand policy” to restrict grants. prison benefitsWhereas conditional freedom should be limited.

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Otherwise, it is very possible that the situation that Costa Rica is experiencing today will be repeated next year and, worse, it will continue to increase.

The President has given this warning after more than 900 deaths in the country last year. murderswhich implies a Development of one 40% Regarding 2022.

The war between criminal gangs for territory and drug trafficking routes has led to bloodshed in the country never seen before.

“Article 121 of the Political Constitution states that it is the exclusive responsibility of the Legislative Assembly to approve, amend and interpret laws. If there is no improvement in the current criminal rules, I doubt we will have the same year in this case,” Chávez told LA Repubblica in an exclusive interview, referring to congressional responsibility.

The President explained that he does his job as head of the executive branch; However, he stressed that it requires a response Assembly To change the current scenario.

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In that sense, Chaves referred to a policy of more Perseverance,

“The problem is that Costa Rica, starting in 1998 during the government of José María Figueres and the governments that followed, especially during the administrations of Laura Chinchilla and Luis Guillermo Solís, began to become affectionate and Generous with criminals And they relaxed the laws. At the same time, they gave greater performance gains, which means the real cause of the problem is not necessarily lack of money,” the President said.

For the President, the response to crime is to set a legal framework to put people in prison who are at war and killing themselves because of drugs.

“The only way to escape this cycle of destruction is to put these people in jail. What does it take to put someone in jail? Laws that allow it and a judicial branch that executes them. I’m talking about the tenacity that is necessary to face the challenge of these times,” Chávez concluded.

On several occasions, the President has pointed out that today criminals are getting out faster than the police can process paperwork.

The war between criminal gangs for territory and drug trafficking routes has led to bloodshed in the country never seen before.  Canva/The Republic.

The war between criminal gangs for territory and drug trafficking routes has led to bloodshed in the country never seen before. Canva/The Republic.


Enforce Security Policy strong hand Against drug trafficking, organized crime and murders This is not possible According to many people, in Costa Rica Representative Of protest.

the country needs Guarantee proper criminal procedure, as well human right Everyone involved, including criminals.

On the other hand, any legal reform that is approved must take into account the enormity of the situation, avoid populism and overcrowding in prisons so as not to violate international agreements signed by the country.

PLN chief Oscar Izquierdo

PLN head Oscar Izquierdo called for decisions not to be taken “in the heat of the moment”. Courtesy/The Republic

“With the same action, like putting people in Jail, We’re not going to solve all the problems. We have to think that we are also a country of guarantees; That is, whatever decision we make, it must not forget the principle of innocence, that the accused has a lawyer and that due process is followed,” PUSC Deputy Vanessa Castro previously told this media.

In addition to the PUSC, legislators from the PLN and the New Republic warned that the proposals made by President Chávez stop crime They not only violate human rights, but in some cases they also violate the political constitution.

In that sense, the head of the PLN, Oscar Izquierdo, calls not to take decisions “in the heat of the moment”.

“There are government projects that were analyzed by the Department of Technical Services and warned that they have some traces of unconstitutionality. This is not about approving projects in the heat of the moment,” Izquierdo said.


One of the issues promoted by President Rodrigo Chávez is limiting the granting of prison benefits.

President made the bill:

  • Providing precautionary measures is limited only to crimes that carry a prison sentence of less than 4 years.
  • Regarding the sentence of house arrest with electronic monitoring, there is a proposal to reduce the six-year sentence, as it currently exists, to four years in prison so that judges can grant this type of sanction.
  • In this way, rapists and people with criminal records of drug trafficking, organized crime and murderers or hitmen will not be able to be released from prison with provisional measures.

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