Rsa, in the Senate the stories of family members and operators: “We need reform, enough discretion for the health directors. They still do not allow relatives to enter”

For the associations of family members of the Senior citizens living in Rsa (the facilities for the non self-sufficient often still closed or almost to the public, beyond what is required by the regulations), as well as for the social health workers who work there, the meeting that was held in the Senate entitled “Nursing homes, critical issues and the future “ was a “first step“. However, a “turning point”, in view of one reform of the sector. “For the first time we will be heard, now we want to be involved. Never again without us“, They claimed during the press conference organized by Senator M5s, Barbara Guidolin.

A conference from which voices and stories of the tragedy that have lived and continue to live those who live within the RSA have emerged, especially since the Covid-19 pandemic. “I lost my mother in early March of last year. When I heard her on video call, not having been able to see her for 18 months, not even the day she disappeared, she said to me: ‘They tell me that you are dead’. She left in an inhumane condition. She like so many other people. We made a collective exposition, there are those who have lost both parents in a short time, ”he said Letizia Casellipromoter of the ‘Committee of relatives Residenza Paradiso Ferrara ”.

She was not the only one to report abuse enneeds in the structures, also ascertained by Amnesty International Italy with some reports: “We investigated human rights violations during the first months of the pandemic, abuses of the right to life, not to undergo inhuman and degrading treatment. We are now also worried about the possibility of a repeat of what happened in Lombardy in March 2020, with the transfer of Covid patients to RSA from hospitals, to avoid overloading a troubled health system. But this is not acceptable, ”he explained Francesca Loffariby Amnesty Italia.

Also because, i health risks of patients, he recalled as well Consuelo Locati, a lawyer who protects the families of Covid-19 victims of the “Serene and always united” association, are clear: “The legislation was then also implemented by the central government and extended to the rest of the Italian regions. But few facilities have separate buildings, doctors and different healthcare personnel. And so a massacre took place ”.

According to the associations, it is a priority that the Regions monitor compliance with the rules and regulations accreditation criteria: “The discretion should not be conferred on medical directors, but to the ASL. Because RSAs are private, but through agreements and accreditation with the state they become in effect ‘public’ subjects ”, claimed Caselli. And again: “Because today they continue to don’t let us in? Because they do not want us to see what is happening inside the structures, the relatives of the elderly are considered a problem, a nuisance. What happened inside and of which we are not yet aware is of an unprecedented gravity, so much so that those who took care of the elderly and survivors are realities that follow torture, prevention and crimes: the Nas, the Carabinieri, the Ctp, the Guarantor of detainees, Amnesty International. It is clear that there are virtuous managers, but by now they are few ”.

Translated, a reform is needed for the associations, which can now directly involve relatives: “The photograph that emerged from the testimonies within the RSA is total abandonmentwith structures that do not comply with the rules, including hygienic ones, and that do not carry out rehabilitation, cognitive and physiotherapy activities “.

But not only. Because if the condition of those who live inside the structures presents not a few critical issues, also that of the workers and of the health workers is not outdone, between low wages, wage and contractual dumping. “The legge on the minimum wage, which is about to land in the Labor Committee of the Senate, will have an impact on the health sector. Today, compared to a contract that applies in the public sector, there are at least 42 different contracts in the private sector. We must put an end to this. It is necessary to identify a reference contract for each sector to protect workers “, claimed Senator M5s and former Minister of Labor, Nunzia Catalfo. “There is such a contractual fragmentation and such precarious which translates into poor quality of service on both sides in continuous blackmail against workers ”, some denounced on the sidelines of the conference.

“We hope that a legislative decree will be made quickly. Controls are needed, therefore an increase in the inspection staff “, also underlined the senator Pd, Valeria Fedeli. But not only: “We do not have exhaustive data on these structures, there is no census. A database is one of the priorities today. There is a need for a constant monitoringso as to identify critical issues, nip abuses in the bud e close illegal structures“Was the appeal of the parliamentarian pentastellata Barbara Guidolin.

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