RTL Information – Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus, Billie Eilish…: Voices of the Great Grammy Award Winners

The Grammy Awards reward women with a plus in the most popular categories, not albums, registrations and annual songs.

Taylor Swift makes Grammy history Speaking of a fourth annual album prize, consider this musical’s equivalent of the musical Oscars to be rewarded.

Given this honor attributed to the album “Midnights”, the American singer is also inscribed in the pantheon of comme ceremonies. The artist received the greatest awards for his albumsFrank Sinatra, Stevie Wonder and Paul Simon.

“J’aimerais vous dire que c’est le meilleur moment de ma vie, but most of all I feel aussi heureuse when I finish a chanson”to become the queen of pop. “Merci beaucoup de m’avoir donné l’occasion de faire ce que j’aime tant! Je suis époustouflée!”

The 34-year-old artist cannot appear on the face of other pop stars such as Lana Del Rey or Olivia Rodrigo. Taylor Swift in Profits for Huge Marketing Coup, Announcing Outingnew album on April 19 called “The Tortured Poets Department”.

She will continue to transform what she touches, or: elue personnalité de l’année 2023 according to Time magazine, on the Eras Tour she will meet with phenomenal success. Elle a généré plus a billion dollars in bills for 60 dates in a later period, montant jamais vu dans l’histoire de la musique.

“Midnights”, the son of the dixim album studio, immediately debuted on Billboard’s tete du class in October 2022. He can afford to perform as a premier artist at the same time in the premiere venues for practicing the most popular songs in Etats-Unis.

Taylor Swift has that name in six categories at this year’s Grammy Awards, where the best songs go to three convoys that honor artists written by singers and standouts.

The presence of the highest award, a cell from the previous album, three reprises with the opuses “Fearless”, “1989” and “Folklore”.

In addition to new works, the singer achieved success in re-releasing her old albums when she decided to re-register to control her rights after she changed from disc house.

Miley Cyrus wins a Grammy Award for her recording of Année for her musical “Flowers.”

Miley Cyrus announced the announcement of the award at the Grammy Awards, thanks to his son’s title”flowers“.

A veritable camel of pop, “American Girl” is the latest effort from superstar Taylor Swift and the series, paired with singers SZA or Billie Eilish, to compete for the prestigious interpretive award equivalent to the musical Oscars.

“Ce prix est est extraordinaire mais j’espere vraiment qu’il nechangera Rien Parce que ma vie était belle hier”A reagi la chanteuse. “Tout le monde ne Recevra pas un Grammy, but still le monde dans ce monde est spectaculaire, alors s’il vous plaît, ne pensez pas que c’est viest.”

“What was I created for?” Billie Eilish chanson de l’année aux Grammy Awards

Billie Eilish announced the Chanson of the Year award at the Grammy Awards thanks to his son “Plein d’introspection” “What was I created for?”written for the original group of the film “Barbie”.

This melancolic song is the title of a summer blockbuster, où poupée peroxydée overcomes an existential crisis and exposes the misogyny of the world. This allows Billie Eilish to appear in front of other stars such as Taylor Swift or Miley Cyrus, to reward this prestige, to discover the artists who wrote the lyrics and composed the appropriate music.

Singer Finneas O’Connell, performing on stage with her brother’s son and artistic partner of the Toujours, performed on stage with a gramophone.

“Thank you to my brother, my best friend in the world, for making me accomplished, que je suis aujourd’hui. Et merci à Greta Gerwig d’avoir realise le meilleur movie de l’année”I presented Billie Eilish at the corresponding son prize.

At 22, Billie Eilish has achieved an honorary habit: she awaited the Grammys report in September, and then received the recognition equivalent to music’s Oscar in 2020.

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