Rumors of drug parties are reportedly plaguing Elon Musk.

Concerns at Tesla over Musk’s lifestyle

Elon MuskCEO Tesla And SpaceXhas attracted attention not only for its technological innovations and business visions, but also for its erratic behavior, which, according to reports of executives and members of the boards of directors of its companies, revealed Wall Street Magazine, may be affected by regular drug use, putting at risk not only their health, but also the future of their companies and billions of dollars in assets.

Sources close to the tycoon indicated WSJ that Musk, 52 years old, would use drugs such as LSD, cocaine, ecstasy, psychedelic mushrooms and ketamine.often at private partieswhere participants sign Confidentiality Agreements or they hand over their phones at the entrance, according to media reports, citing as sources people who witnessed their drug use, but without naming them by name.

“In 2018, for example, he took several tabs of acid at a party he organized in Los Angeles. The following year, he threw a magic mushroom party at an event in Mexico. In 2021, he took ketamine for fun in Miami at a house party during Art Basel with his brother Kimbal Musk. “He used illegal drugs together with current SpaceX and Tesla board member Steve Jurvetson,” the publication claims.

Media reports say his alleged use will continue, particularly his use of ketamine, which has raised concerns about possible consequences for his well-being and the businesses he runs, which also include The Boring Company, Neuralink and a new artificial intelligence company. .

In accordance with Alex SpiroMusk’s lawyer, chief executive undergoes drug testing regularly at SpaceX and has never tested positive. However, some past incidents such as his marijuana-smoking appearance on the Joe Rogan show and obscene references to SpaceX fueled doubts about his sobriety at key moments.

Added to this is the fact that SpaceX is the only American company currently approved to transport astronauts from space. POT to the International Space Station and has more than $14 billion in contracts with the US government for civil and military space missions. Federal policy could be at risk if Musk is confirmed to be using illegal drugs, which could jeopardize such contracts and shareholder investments. “Musk is integral to the value of his companies, potentially putting nearly $1 trillion in investor assets, tens of thousands of jobs and much of the U.S. space program at risk,” the article warns.

Musk’s behavior has sometimes caused different reactions on the boards of his companies. Linda Johnson Riceformer Tesla director, decided not to run for re-election in 2019 due to frustration caused by the CEO’s unstable attitude and his references to drugs.

Among the concerns is the correlation between his unusual behavior and possible drug use, which has been a sensitive topic for Musk’s company executives as some of them are close friends and have attended drug events such as a drug festival. burning man.

Musk has spoken openly about his mental health, admitting to lack of sleep and a full-time job on several occasions, but in a conversation with the authoritative book, he denied illegal drug use and attributed certain attitudes to undiagnosed mental health issues. Actually, When he hosted “Saturday Night Live” in 2021, he said he had Asperger’s syndrome, a form of autism.

Most companies don’t require board members to investigate an executive’s drug use, but they often take action if they believe it’s harming the business, the WSJ reports. In 2020, the newspaper recalls, the ketamine abuse of former Zappos CEO Tony Xie finally forced executives at the shoe company’s parent company Amazon to intervene. He was given a couple of months to clean up his act, and when he couldn’t do that, he left.

In late 2020, Xie was trapped in a house fire while intoxicated and later died from his injuries.

The debate over directors’ willingness to interfere in the personal lives of executives remains a sensitive topic in the corporate arena, especially when personal actions can have a significant impact on business decisions. At the moment, companies under Musk’s management have maintained positive dynamics, with a noticeable increase in the value of Musk’s shares. Tesla and SpaceX’s earnings growth has led some investors to shrug off those concerns.

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