Russell Westbrook surpasses legendary Patrick Ewing in the NBA

V Arena from Los Angeles Clippers received Miami Heat for the first game of 2024 for both teams. 4th place in the West met 5th place in the East, which a priori seemed like a great game.

The home team won with a comfortable score (121-104), Kawhi Leonard as the top scorer. But the most important thing at the meeting was Russell Westbrookwho snuck into top 25 historical points in the NBA. Mister. Triple Double¨ He left behind a great legend of the game, Patrick Ewingmember Hall of Fame and the greatest figure in history New York Knicks. Born in Jamaica and Overall pick #1 from the 1985 project, Ewing managed to score 24815 points over a 17 year career.

Westbrook scored just eight points in that game and has 24,821 for his career, good enough to make the qualifying group. Now you have ahead James Harden (24th place with 25167 points) and Jerry West (23rd place with 25192 points). In recent years, performance “Rus” relegated, but may well hunt down Jerry West in a few years. Because Harden is younger and currently scores more than Westbrook.

Russell Westbrook in the NBA

The numbers you have left Russell Westbrook throughout their 16-year career they have been outstanding. MVP in the 2016/17 season on average double figures in points, rebounds and assists. During his career he four seasons of this typeonly Oscar Robertson was able to have a season of this type in history.

Precisely for the great Oscar Robertson remained far behind in the historical list triple double. 181 of ¨Big O¨ They were small already before 198. Westbrookwho can be the first to reach 200. Without a doubt, a living legend of the game, nine times All Stars and named the same number of times All-NBABesides Performance Champion a couple of times.

Let’s see how far this can go Russell Westbrook V NBA. Currently has guaranteed contract until the end of next season and will undoubtedly extend his legacy. Moreover, his role as sixth man currently and it is accepted salary reduction They will certainly help you find a job.

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