Russia advanced on Avdiivka. Ukraine failed in its offensive and is facing defensive problem

Russian forces attempted to complete the siege of the Ukrainian municipality of Avdiivka, near the pro-Russian city of Donetsk. While according to Kiev, Ukraine repelled 44 Russian attacks in this sector of the front.

Ukrainian military telegram channel deep state There is mention of Russian advances north of Avdiivka and into the Pervomaysky area south of the town. In its daily bulletin during the war, the Defense Strategy Center in Kiev gives a report Russians advanced 1.5 kilometers In the sand mine area north of Avdiivka.

According to the Ukrainian organization, near Optin, south of Avdiivka and two kilometers north of Donetsk airport, Russian forces may have advanced one kilometer. Additionally, the source said the Russians had gained up to 600 meters around Stepov, a town north of Avdiivka.

The Ukrainian General Staff said in a statement that “Ukrainian fighters continue to repel the enemy, who is trying to surround Avdiivka.” They also reported mass casualties among Russian troops trying to capture the municipality.

Since last October, Russia has focused most of its efforts on capturing Avdiivka, which would cut Ukrainian troops away from the city of Donetsk. Ukrainian military sources reported in recent weeks that Lack of ammunition to thwart attacks Gives advantage to Russian troops along the entire front.

In view of this situation, the White House Security Council spokesman, John Kirbywarned this Tuesday that it is vital that allies approve new military aid so that Ukrainians can continue to confront Russia. Kirby said, “The Ukrainian military is in a position to make difficult decisions that it should not make due to ammunition shortages.”,

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