Ryan Gosling brings back Ken EP and hilarious video

If Margot Robbie shines in a plastic doll in a movie Barbie (2023), realized by Greta Gerwig, Ryan Gosling won no awards for singing Ken and dancing with fervor, between two questions about masculinity. And for the greatest amusement of his fans, he remembered during the holidays, dressed as Ken for the EP and video, the enthusiastic illustrator of the chanson. I’m just Ken (in a special version created for Noel).

Barbie This is another great success of the year in 2023. And it is the preservation of this live-action adaptation of the adventures of the world’s most famous woman, a charming and talented of the main cast. Il ya bien sûr l’interpretation sans faute et émouvante de la formidable Margot Robbie (Le Loup of Wall Street, Suicide Squad). The Australian actress has plastic red hair, light blonde hair and is ideal for the role of Suir. But she added extra and anger to me because she played in the parfait.

Ken’s Revenge in the Barbie Movie

More information about this Barbie Majestic Nature, another cultural game, later commercialized by Mattel in its seduire le public sur les écrans: Ken. Longtemps délaissé auprofit de sa petite amie, l’homme de Plasticique prend sa revanche Grace à la Realisatrice Greta Gerwig (Lady Bird, “Doctor Marsh’s Daughter”) more reserved in the Canadian actor Ryan Goslingwhich shows off the traits that Barbie likes best.

Ken’s Pochette The EP (2023) by Ryan Gosling and Mark Ronson.

I’m Just Ken: excerpt from the film performed by Ryan Gosling

After I refuse the premiere role because my son is busy with a temporary charge, the heroes La La Land and etc. Blade Runner 2049one of the actors of the most successful Hollywood films, who perfectly (and with wonderful humor) embodied the masculine principle. Ryan Gosling, eat muscular and blonde aux yeux bleus angéliques under the cover of Ken Revé. But the performance is filled with a touch of kitsch and questions about masculinity that open up the status of easy access.

Pour mieux s’en convaincre, il faut écouter le tout nouveau Ken EPwhich will have to be sorted out on holidays and understood the four versions of morso, and also how effectively it is understood in the film Barbie, I’m just Ken.. Additional cats Mark Ronson (by production), Ryan Gosling y devoile tout son talented vocals and son of a sense of interpretation, a regular and a true rocker; Cerise sur le sapin (fluorescent rose)? The actor wears Ken’s new suit (and lunettes) to play the flamboyant crooners in the clip that accompanies the special imaginary version for Noel in the Tube: I’m just Ken (Merry Christmas Barbie)). Un hit en puissance qui pourrait faire de l’ombre in Mariah Carey and Brenda Lee…

Barbie (2023) by Greta Gerwig, available on DVD. Ken. Ryan Gosling and Mark Ronson’s EP is out now.

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