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The country’s universities and other higher education institutions (HEIs) worsened their performance in the 2021 Saber Pro tests, not only compared to 2020, but also below pre-pandemic levels.

This is revealed by the most recent results of these tests carried out by Icfes, which also show the score achieved by each institution and, therefore, the ones with the best performance. It should be noted that this is not a ranking or ranking, since quality goes beyond state tests. However, it can be considered a relevant indicator with respect to the academic level.

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It is an X-ray of the performance of these institutions during 2021 (the last tests applied), which also allows it to be compared retroactively.

It is worth clarifying that the results of the Saber Pro tests are evaluated on a scale of 0 to 300 points. In the latest tests, the national average for colleges was 152.59, while only accredited colleges had an average of 156.

This implies a drop compared to the results of 2020, when the average for all universities was 156, and 160 for accredited universities, but it is also a drop compared to 2019, when the global scores were 153.26, in average.

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In total, the results obtained by students from 259 higher education institutions in the country were evaluated (among universities, university institutions and technical and technological institutions, the latter presenting the Saber TyT tests).

Thus, the Universidad de los Andes remains in first place with an average score of 190.1 (down four points from the previous year), followed by the Universidad Nacional, Bogotá, with 184.7 points, and the Universidad de la Sabana, with an average of 184.1.

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The best institutions in the country in the Saber Pro tests are the following:

one. University of the Andes (190.1 points)
two. National University of Colombia – Bogota (184.7)
3. Savannah University (184.1)
Four. EIA University (182.3)
5. College of Higher Administration Studies CESA (182.1)
6. ICESI University (178.2)
7. National University of Colombia – Medellin (177.2)
8. Rosario University (175.9)
9. Javeriana University – Bogota (174.9)
10. University of the North (174.1)

By University Institution

5. College of Higher Administration Studies CESA (182.1)
14. Colombo American University Institution – UNICA (169)
24. Biblical Seminary University Foundation of Colombia (161.7)
25. Military Education Center (161.6)
32. Konrad Lorenz University Foundation 159.7)

By technological HEIs

170. Santander Technological Units (139.4)
208. Higher Institute of Family Social and Economic Sciences – ICSEF (135)
211. Colombian Industrial Technological Corporation – TEINCO (134.3)
214. Comfanorte Foundation for Higher Studies – FESC (134.2)
223. San José Higher Education Foundation (133)

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By technical HEIs

222. National Unified Corporation for Higher Education – CUN (133.1)
230. Agricultural Technical Institute (132)
242. Administration and Finance Institute Corporation (129.9)
251. Professional Technical Education Institute of Roldanillo (126.7)
258. Tolimense Institute of Vocational Technical Training (122.9)


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