Sadeq Berrabah, former SDF, becomes Shakira’s choreographer

He will be a fan of Dubai, New York or Berlin to meet the international dance star. Fashion choreographer Sadek Berrabah turns cardboard into a spectacle. Noise, and these are suitcases with suitcases in the Petite Camargue, between Nîmes and Montpellier. This is what is free, sans façon, in the kitchen of the Vauvert garden pavilion, in her atypical career.

Moselle souvenir shop Heureux de Forbach, or it’s not three quarters of the year. The town of Marienau, located between the old mine and the border of Allemagne, offers the young Sadek an ideal place to relax. “Yours and Oiseaux, fields and forests” comb.

“Je trais toujours avec des seaux remplis de lézards…” Une fois décrotte, il dance in the family salon, s’entrainant “on my father’s VHS”concerts of Michael Jackson and performances of Quebec’s Michel Courtemanche (“these movements are isolated this is a dinghy! » aw-t-il). “J’étais le king des boums. »

“La danse m’a aidé à trouver la confance. »

Années 1990 rattrapent l’atolescent: sous-le-bras skates, long hair (“It’s hard to imagine today”sourit-il en frottant son cran lisse) and bracelets on pointe shoes, “J’avais plutôt le Look Metal”. More toujours l’esprit of hip-hop. “He’s not on the Internet, he’s not on the console, he’s not online, he’s not in the loop. There is cardboard on the ground floor and on the downsite. » Avec son frère Adel (TRex), aujourd’hui son Producteur, Sadeck écume d’autres Quartiers, in Fareberswilers or Sarrebrouck, on the banks of the Côte de la Frontière. “La danse m’a aidé à trouver la confance. »

Car, at school, “this is a tasting: (il) ne pouvai

It starts during a difficult period. Sadek is subscribed to channel 115, aux hébergements d’urgence de Moselle. Rather, these are holidays from 23 to 6 o’clock, they sleep. “Chez des copains” or écume les boîtes de nuit deux deux Côtés de la Frontière. and etc. “pour yourself some silver”create logos, illustrate T-shirts…

“Et un jour, you reçois un message of Shakira sur Instagram, tu n’y crois pas! »

In 2010, for a friend who made the descent to Montpellier, a change of decor is welcome: “Ici, pour moi, c’était la California. » Il’n’en est jamais reparti. Train as a mason and plumber with a CFA degree, work in Nimes and finance your family. Mais jamais la danse ne le quitte. I continue to practice as an amateur, as they say “get out of your corps”autant faire ce qu’il aime à temps plein: in 2013 he left the enterprise, collecting spectacles in Toulouse, Marseille, Paris… I liked it the most.

“I am free from the cap and joyfully participating in the world. »

In 2017, compared to Ammar Benbouzid, a Facebook post became a creation. “Je voulais developper ma propre écriture chorégraphique, author of “Geometry of Movements.” » From one line (il se lève, montre son avant-bras), le corps évolue dans “This is a real Rubik’s cube” de droites parallèles et point fixes.

“It’s a simple concept, it’s visual.”, promote Sadek. The video of the duo, the spinal column of the variable group Géométrie, will go viral. From “France” – an incomprehensible talent and this is an international decline, passing by Las Vegas or China, the group “this one is invited to the part”. “I am free from the cap and joyfully participating in the world. »

“Et un jour, you reçois un message of Shakira sur Instagram, tu n’y crois pas! » Colombian artist lui fait choreographer. A girl like me, with the Black Eyed Peas. Chris Brown congratulated me on Jennifer Lopez. In 2020, 128 dancers will perform on stage to mark the transition between the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games and the Paris 2024 Games. “obsessions”

Pour NoiseSadek is revenu à ses amours mosellanes, observant Beaucoup les Oiseaux. “ Dans la façon dont ils se déplacent, il ya quelque chooses d’ordonné, selon des lois qui nous échappent… ou pas », surit-il. The car, it is in an excellent place that organizes these new things, Sadek refers to the principles of mathematics, which are fascinating.

D’ailleurs, they are a sight to behold 1 this “découpé selon ces principles” : three parties, 41 dancers present “un, un, deux, trois, cinq, huit, treize…” First names (à l’Exception du tout premier, zéro) of the Fibonacci set. On the other hand, the physique is delier and the rough tet.

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