Safran is narrowly ahead of Stellantis in number of patents

The Top 10 is confirmed over time

Result of the 14,339 patent applications published in 2021: Safran and Stellantis neck and neck. With more than a thousand patent applications published, Safran regained the top spot in the rankings for the first time since 2004, the year the ranking was launched. The aerospace and defense giant is closely followed by Stellantis with 1,035 published applications. Compared to 2020 however, ranks 3 to 7 are unchanged. On the last step of the podium, the Valeo Group retains its position in third place and Renault Group in fifth place in the ranking, while Airbus takes seventh place with more than 300 patent applications published.

Public research remains present

In the Top 50, twelve research, higher education and state institutions (RESE) are present, one less than last year. The first three are identical to last year: the CEA (Commissariat for Atomic Energy and Alternative Energies) comes in fourth place, and the CNRS (National Center for Scientific Research) maintains sixth place with 378 patent applications published . Finally, IFP Energies nouvelles comes in thirteenth place. Out of six new entrants into the Top 50 applicants, three are public establishments: Inserm (National Institute for Health and Medical Research) in thirty-third place, CNES (National Center for Space Studies) in thirty -eighth place and the University of Paris-Saclay in forty-eighth place.

The concentration of the top 50 patent applicants is decreasing

As a reminder, the top fifty applicants have been responsible for more than half of all patent applications since 2018. In 2021, the top 50 applicants represent 53.2% of all published patent applications, down slightly from 54.8% last year. A possible explanation for this slight shift could be due to the Pacte law, which is supposed to strengthen the quality, credibility and validity of patents. In this regard, Pascal Faure, Director General of the INPI, sheds light on this same law “completely bet in work and proven” who allows in particular “more flexibility in the protection of their innovations and guarantees a better robustness of the titles, in particular of the patents. innovation is an essential factor of French competitiveness and its protection is an absolute necessity.”

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