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Unionistas de Salamanca has issued a warning in its distribution channels for those who intend to access the Reina Sofía Municipal Stadium. While it is true that the club has already put up a “sold out” sign, they are aware of the fraudulent practices that are being devised in order to be able to watch the Cup Round of 16 match live.

It’s about existence several fake West End access bracelets. The Salamanca club warned that those who try to enter the sports facility with them will be punished. excluded “automatically, without any reflection” and, in addition, “the police will be informed of a possible proposal for sanctions.”

The measures that the Unionists will take this Thursday are also detailed on their official “X” account: “They have a copy protection system in place and those responsible for accessing this stand have already been warned and will be given full notice.”.

There were 1,315 tickets priced at €70, and the system recorded virtual queues of more than 3,000 fans. who wanted to take possession of a precious treasure. The rest, until the 6,200 places exclusively available at the Reina Sofía Hotel are filled, will be occupied by members of the club, which has twice broken its subscriber record this year.

The Unionists began the course with 4,270 members, this figure rose to 4,585 after the winter campaign.. The board’s decision to offer its subscribers the match against Barca for free meant it had to relaunch the campaign for new members, despite public pressure. Nobody wanted to miss Barça’s visit.

The club only managed to put 310 new cards up for sale before the Reina Sofia’s normal capacity of 4,895 was filled. And all morning there were long queues in front of the club’s official store, located on Rua Mayor, to buy them.

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