Salma Hayek came out for Shakira’s anniversary with the hit “Hips Don’t Lie”

Salma Hayek Pinault at the Academy Museum’s third annual gala. (Los Angeles, December 3, 2023)
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For pop stars Shakira and Salma Hayek’s 47th birthday, pay tribute on Instagram with a dance.

“Happy Anniversary, Reine Shakira.” In the full session, of course, tapis, Salma Hayek opens to recreate the clip. “Hips don’t lie” in honor of his singer and friend, who turns 47 today. In an Instagram post translated into English and French, the actress is the translator of “Waka Waka”: “You are a music lover. Thank you for the music”.

“Ne refaites pas ça chez vous!”

The actress pairs cheveau, shorts and bras to emulate singer Shakira, known for her dancing skills and son dehansha. Non sans humor, puisqu’elle ajoute: “Avertissement: si vous n’avez pas de sang latin or arabe, ne refaites pas ça chez vous,” sous son wrote on Instagram. Two hours after posting his video, he had over 3,660,000 views and after 4,000 comments, not a single one that held his full attention: “Salma, you are incredible. Latin fire!!! On t’aime”, caption… la “Queen Shakira” is her meme.

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