Salma Hayek exploded at Victoria Beckham’s anniversary party

Salma Hayek at the Oscars. (Beverly Hills, March 10, 2024)

In an Instagram post to mark the big night, the actress shared a selfie with the old Spice girl and her prestigious guests.

Ce n’est pas tous les jours qu’on a 50 ans. Victoria Beckham will be very happy and will throw a big party in honor of her 50th birthday on April 19, 2024, surrounded by a cloud of stars. Parmi her, the son of Salma Hayek’s friend, who celebrated his friend’s anniversary in a postal souvenir with photos from the evening on the son’s Instagram account.

“An incredible evening”

Affichant un tenre calin avec la star de la soirée, presque souriante (!), Salma Hayek praised the souvenir “a special, unique and funny evening”, as well as the cats of Marie François-Henri Pinault’s son, among others. The actress is dressed in a green satin robe with long cuffs, pleats at the level of the tail, and a mise-en-scène in the form of a chignon dedicated to a discrete boucle d’oreille, tranchant with an impressive necklace.

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The entire Beckham clan

“Tellement Honorée de Faire Party de la Grande Célébration d’Anniversaire @VictoriaBeckham super amusante avec ses friends proches et sa famille,” commented Salma Hayek. Victoria Beckham has a good following, starting with her entire clan: David Beckham, who registered the Spice Girls’ urgent comeback during the party, Brooklyn, 25, Romeo, 21, Cruz, 19, etc., 12 replies. Salma Hayek in the photo of her mother and the girl who represents the ensemble, sourire aux lèvres.

Branded invitations

I think I remember all the pictures of Salma Hayek when I play against you with her, that’s Brad Pitt. More information about the evening’s VIP event. Old Spice girls, Marc Anthony, Eva Longoria and Gordon Ramsey, pour ne citer qu’eux, étaient also de la party.

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