Salma Hayek, Mélanie Laurent, Laetitia d’Espagne… These individuals who did not take on leurs cheveux blancs in 2023

Celebrities who will embrace white hair in 2023

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If you are sure that it is just garde leurs Grayonnantes racines, pendant at some time, d’autres ont définitivement laisser de longues meches blanches dans leur chevelure. Get back to the people who love nature maps this year.

Silver beards appear on the red tapis from plus to plus. Pioneers in matiera, with actresses Andie MacDowell, Jane Fonda, Helen Mirren, Glenn Close or fashion model May Musk, colored wood. silver You are completely flawless after several years and always have a t fait leur capillary signature. This year, new celebrities celebrate their example and embrace the words cheveux blancs and en les affichant au grand jour. Whether you’re selling a free pass in defiance of beauty standards or simply enjoying the lassées des colorations for a moment, let’s experience the nuances of gray and white at your convenience.

Radical transformations…

It was definitely a radical change, like singer Zazie, who began her work with racist grisonants outside of confinement, playing in a machine with fully completed gray blonde hair at the NRJ Music Awards last November. Lio’s connoisseur, she also adopted that virgin integral virgin hair, brunette, illustration of her son’s evolution in the images on her computer on Instagram. The meme chose for the dummy check Paulina Porizkova, who was busy fighting the hype, which is a documentary expression of the vers la couleur “poivre et sel” on the social network and proclaims a pro-life message in the aisle. Finally, in 2023, another metamorphosis will be marked: “celle de l’actrice de la serie”. Les Scott Brothers, Hilarie Burton, who said that this is a “gas chamber” for laisser pousser cheveux blancs à la quarantine.

… Our transition in the soul

Others have opted for a transition plus en douceur, such as Sarah Jessica Parker, Sharon Stone and Jodie Foster, whose laissez faire approach to gray hair is expressed discretely in light brown hair. This is also the case for certain brunette personalities, meme and contrast are lightness plus a brand, like Queen Letizia d’Espani or Salma Hayek. Enfin, quelques indésizeds tâtent encore le Ternier, like Gwyneth Paltrow, who polls her Instagram followers to find out if she is missing out on laisser pousser ses ses cheveux blancs or not in more recent times, après avoir passé plusieurs semaines sans les teindre par ” paresse.” In Cote, actresses Mélanie Laurent, Naomi Watts or Olivia Coleman made rare public appearances with racist grisonantes… In the end, they remained blondes.

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