Salma Hayek publishes rare clichés of the beautiful Matilda for her anniversary

Published February 21, 2024 at 2:50 pm.

Salma Hayek publishes rare clichés of the beautiful Matilda for her anniversary

Salma Hayek releases rare cliches for her anniversary with her beautiful daughter Matilda – © Rico Juan Pablo/SPUS/ABACA

Salma Hayek’s beautiful daughter celebrates on February 23rd and February 20th. The actress posted a message on this occasion on Instagram.

Anniversary of Joyeux Mathilde Pinault. On March 20, a young woman, the fruit of Francois-Henri Pinault’s first marriage, celebrates her 23rd birthday. On this holiday, Salma Hayek at the carousel of images and the message of Fierté à Celle qui est Place Sa Belle-Fille in 2009 in the suite of her son’s marriage to a multimillionaire.

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This is when publishing on Instagram about what the actress of “Frida” is doing, more valuable than complicity in her beauty. In the carousel of three photos you will see two cliches of a son, a duet and three accomplices with Mathilde Pinault on vacation. L’actrice Complete Sa Publication d’une Photo de la jeune femme et de son père s’enlaçant.

“Joyeux anniversaire Tildie Tildie Tildie, nous t’aimons et sommes si fiers de la femme que tu es location”, peut-on lire à la suite du post.

Restored family life

Salma Hayek and Francois-Henri Pinault form a restored family. Before meeting someone who lost his life, the man in affairs was 61 years old and was the child born of a prime marriage to Dorothy Leper: Francois, age 26, and Mathilde, age 23. François-Henri Pinault is the father of Augustin James, who joined Linda Evangelista in 2006.

Francois-Henri Pinault and Salma Hayek married in 2009 and are part of the ensemble with girlfriend Valentina Paloma, 16. La cadette de la famille comte bien suivre les traces of my mother. “Elle dessine, elle veut Tourner des Films, autant en tant que realisatrice que Premiere Role, et elle écrit de bonnes pièces,” awaits Salma Hayek in May 2020 in the magazine “Hello! ”

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