Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra appeared on Walmart website even before its launch

As if there weren’t enough leaks about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra, it has now appeared at Walmart. There are still a couple of weeks before the official presentation of the smartphone, but there are not so many secrets about its characteristics.

As we see on the American retailer’s website, the device appeared in a version with 256 GB of internal memory in Titanium Black color. Additionally, it comes with 12GB of RAM and comes from the telecommunications company AT&T. At the time of writing, the website is still live, showing the phone.

Some characteristics of the phone are indicated in the phone description. software phone was also leaked. Availability Live translation, Night Shot Zoom And Generative Edit.

As the name suggests, Live Translate will allow us to speak foreign languages ​​instantly, directly from the Samsung Phone application. Increasing Nightography will allow us to take better photographs at night or in low light, while Generative Edit will allow us to move or remove objects. We can fill in the blanks using Generative Editing, of course this will require you to be logged into your Samsung account and connected to the Internet.

The phone appears to be out of stock, but this leak from Walmart confirms everything that was expected from the Galaxy S24 Ultra. The team’s presentation will take place on January 17th in San Jose, California. And when that date comes, there will be little left for us to know about the smartphone.


Around 3:00 pm in Chile, Walmart removed the post, admitting its mistake. The publication, however, remained in the records of various news portals.

What do you think of the Galaxy S24 Ultra?

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