Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra vs S23 Ultra: specifications and prices, how much do they change?

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After the announcement of Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultrapeople are usually interested in their previous model because it usually goes down in price, in this case Galaxy S23 Ultra.

And in most cases there are no big changes every year, although This time may be an exception due to artificial intelligence and mobile phones.

So, if you are hesitating which one to buy, We will share the main characteristics of each of them.

New Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra

What is most amazing about this new model is the application of artificial intelligence in smartphones, which has never been seen before. For example, you can transfer calls in real time and easily edit photos.

It’s your Specifications:

  • Available in Titanium Grey, Titanium Purple, Titanium Black and Titanium Yellow (looks similar to iPhone with titanium body).
  • 6.8-inch screen with 2x Dynamic AMOLED technology
  • Built-in S Pen for precise writing.
  • 200 MP photo system with artificial intelligence
  • Front camera 12 MP
  • Battery capacity 5000 mAh.
  • Octa-core processor
  • 12 GB memory and 512 GB storage
  • Sensors such as accelerometer, barometer, fingerprint scanner, gyroscope, geomagnetic sensor, Hall sensor, light and proximity sensor.

His price in pre-sale it goes from 30 thousand 999 pesos in the official Samsung store.

How is the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra doing?

  • This model is equipped with the S Pen 2, which improves the productivity of the device.
  • Notably, it comes with a new 200-megapixel Adaptive Pixel sensor.
  • The selfie camera is equipped with fast autofocus and Super HDR technology, which provides speeds of 30 to 60 frames per second.
  • It features Optical Image Stabilizer (OIS), enhanced 8K video, advanced object-based AI, and 360-degree audio recording for multi-dimensional audio recording.
  • Its battery capacity is 5 thousand mAh, which will also help the camera perform better.
  • The 6.8-inch screen has reduced curvature for better viewing.

Have price what comes from 26 thousand 999 pesos in its official store.

As you can see, they are very similar, with the difference that Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra has more artificial intelligence features. unlike the S23 Ultra.

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