Samsung is betting on artificial intelligence in Smart TVs, vacuum cleaners and even washing machines

Once again, Samsung has introduced all new features to the European market, which it hopes to launch within the year in countries like Spain. We’ve already experienced one of its highlights with the Samsung Galaxy S24 line and the full integration of artificial intelligence, but that’s not all.

The artificial intelligence integrated into Samsung goes beyond mobile phones. The South Korean brand’s level of commitment is such that it integrates algorithms into products such as washing machines and vacuum cleaners. Although there are some labeled AI, they are actually sensors that perform one function or another.

During the exhibition, we were able to see all the company’s new developments on site.Samsung World“, which will take place in Frankfurt and will test, albeit briefly, all the new products that we want to analyze this year.

Samsung’s New QLED and OLED in 2024: Greater Commitment to 8K, Anti-Glare OLED and Helpful AI

Samsung Micro LED

While Samsung’s main focus this year is mobile phones and all their artificial intelligence features, they also want to extend this to other product lines such as Smart TVs.

A great protagonist is NQ8 AI Gen 3 processor which will include one of its star products – Smart TV Samsung Neo QLED 8K QN900D. Samsung has improved the most important processor features such as scaling, power consumption or accessibility.

Its smart scaling is capable of converting HD video to 8K, nothing unusual so far and something that has already been done in previous versions. But they have improved algorithms that, while not working miracles, make it possible to watch videos at very low native resolutions, very close to 8K. Very noticeable in fixed elements such as texts, where everything is sharper.

The company also uses improved artificial intelligence to eliminate ghosting in any situation, but this is especially noticeable at sporting events where the ball is moving quickly.

AI is also used to reduce the power consumption of panels, an important detail since TVs are large consumers of electricity.

New display modes for gamers. It can now automatically select the game mode you are using, e.g. shooterfor football games, etc. Image changes are applied automatically without the need to select a game type.

Samsung also uses artificial intelligence when translating audio from one language to another.designed as an accessibility element for people with visual impairments who wish to follow the program.

Subscribe to this model: Samsung S95D, OLED TV with anti-glare panel.

Samsung S95D

One of the most exciting Smart TV products this year is the new OLED lineup. Specific, S95D series. It features an OLED panel and, the big new thing this year, an anti-glare system similar (but not the same) to the S24 Ultra.

This anti-glare panel is one of the brightest new additions to the growing OLED series.. Compared to last year’s version, it is very noticeable how the light is reflected and visible, becoming annoying. But in the 2024 model, reflections are absorbed.

Badly? If we compare one to the other, we will notice that it tends to exhibit the contrast typical of panels with a matte surface. But in situations where it’s almost completely dark, Samsung notes there shouldn’t be any difference.

Samsung also showed off its high-end, unattainable products, those Smart TVs we all want but are hard to access. Among them are those who use technology Mini LED which will appear in new sizes and a new generation in 2024 98″ QLED in 4K and 8K versions.

Samsung Music Frame: is it a frame, a speaker or a 360° system? This is all

Samsung Music Frame

Among the curiosities unveiled at World of Samsung, the official final CES, is a new product in the Frame line. If the already well-known The Frame TVs are matte panels with a frame that gives them the appearance of an artistic painting, then the Music Frame are speakers hidden in photo frames.

He has two woofer for playing music with lots of bass, but what’s interesting is its integration with the Q-Symphony system, which allows it to be integrated with your TV via SmartThings and create a 360° sound system.

The Music Frame will go on sale in Europe next April, priced at €499.

AI, yes, also in vacuum cleaners and washing machines

Samsung custom aircraft with artificial intelligence

And yes, artificial intelligence is also reaching those technology products that many people don’t even think of as such: home appliances. And this is interesting, because there are more and more computers than the product they represent.

Samsung expands its line of cordless vacuum cleaners with products such as Samsung custom aircraft with artificial intelligencea vacuum cleaner that senses the type of floor you’re walking on to increase or decrease its suction power.

They have also extended artificial intelligence to products such as washing machines, where the AI ​​Wash mode uses sensors to detect load type and adjust wash type.

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