Samsung is betting on artificial intelligence to reclaim its smartphone throne

San Jose (USA) (AFP) – Samsung on Wednesday unveiled its latest Galaxy model, a popular smartphone that this time features artificial intelligence (AI), in the South Korean giant’s attempt to gain ground from Apple, the world’s largest mobile phone seller.

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The premium S24 Ultra, unveiled at an event in San Jose, California, has the ability to translate calls and text simultaneously into 13 languages.

This feature is based on Samsung’s own technology.

Thanks to a partnership with Google that brings the Android operating system to the phone, the S24 also offers unparalleled search functionality.

Using artificial intelligence, these features allow users to search by simply circling an image or phrase in any app on the screen and get data from the search engine.

Called “Circle Search,” the feature eliminates the need to jump from app to app through cumbersome “copy and paste,” the company said.

A Samsung Galaxy S24 mobile phone presented to the press at a store in Seoul on January 15, 2024.
A Samsung Galaxy S24 mobile phone presented to the press at a store in Seoul on January 15, 2024. © Jung Young Jae / AFP

Artificial intelligence also provides camera capabilities such as generative assistance when filling or removing backgrounds.

These features are optimized from the cloud or from the device itself, and some of them use the Google Gemini model and its Bard chatbot.

Similar AI properties could be expected as part of the new features of the iPhone 16, which will likely launch later this year.

Like the latest iPhone, the Samsung S24 has a titanium frame, a material that the company says makes the phone more durable.

The S24’s arrival comes just days after industry data showed Apple’s iPhone became the world’s best-selling smartphone for the first time, overtaking Samsung’s 12-year lead.

According to International Data Corporation, the iPhone took the crown from Samsung in 2023 with 234.6 million units sold versus 226.6 million for the South Korean company.

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