Samsung may charge for using artificial intelligence in its Galaxy phones

New mobile phones were introduced this week Samsung Galaxy S24, the new top of the Android lineup. Its big novelty is that Galaxy AI, artificial intelligence integrated into various smartphone functionsboth locally and via the cloud.

Considering that these are mobile phones that cost up to 1450 euros, you would think that these features are included in the price. But everything indicates that in the future Samsung may charge a subscription fee for using artificial intelligence features..

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra

An asterisk printed in small print on the description of the Samsung Galaxy S24 has sparked speculation.

Paying for AI Features: The Inevitable Future of Mobile Phones

After years of plummeting sales, mobile phone makers have found in artificial intelligence a sharp nail in the barrel that can boost sales. Make mobile phones attractive again.

Samsung was the first to fully incorporate it into its premium mobile phones as part of what it calls Galaxy AI.

The new Samsung Galaxy S24 includes exclusive features powered by artificial intelligence., such as the Search Circle, which allows you to find anything just by circling it. On this card you have additional information:

Google and Samsung are joining forces to bring Gemini AI to the Samsung Galaxy S24 with new features like Surround for search.

Other things Samsung’s AI, based on Google’s Gemini AI, allows you to record a meeting and quickly get a summary of the most important points, edit photos by adding elements, or compose messages yourself depending on the style and mood you tell it. It can range from emotional to formal and even poetic.

You can also create emojis from your photos or create voice summaries of chats or messages sent to you while driving so you don’t have to read them.

Thanks to the power of the Galaxy S24, many of these AI functions will be performed locally, that is, the data will not leave your mobile. But More complex tasks will require a connection to the Google cloud.. And here is the key to the matter.

In the small print of the Galaxy S24 product description, this phrase appears:

Samsung Galaxy S24 Fine Print


As we can see, Samsung explains that AI features will be free on Galaxy phones until the end of 2025. What will happen in 2026?

From here we can only speculate. The least likely option is that in 2026 Samsung will think twice and postpone charging. But of course what happens is will launch a subscription to be able to use AI features.

Since some tasks are performed locally and others in the cloud, you can only charge for cloud functions. After all, you are using Google Cloud and you will have to pay for that use.

Today, all AI services have subscriptions to access premium features, from ChatGPT to Copilot and more. Samsung will simply follow market trends.

Artificial intelligence will be everywhere… but we will have to pay a lot of subscriptions. to enjoy it.

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