Samsung unveils first transparent MicroLED TV at CES 2024: what is it like? | News from Mexico

USA. – On Sunday evening, Samsung held the annual First Look event in CES 2024where the company promoted the launch The world’s first transparent MicroLED TV.

While its price has yet to be announced, or when this invention will be available in commercial devices, Samsung showed off its transparent MicroLED display alongside transparent OLED and LCD models to highlight the differences between the technologies.

Compared to others, The MicroLED panel was not only significantly brighter, but also featured a completely frameless design and a clearer glass panel. which made it easier to see objects behind him.

Floating screen?

Personally, the effect of Samsung’s transparent MicroLED TVs is difficult to describe, as the content looks almost hologram floating in the air.

The demo block stood separately and was only a few centimeters thick, which further enhanced the illusion floating screen.

In addition, thanks to the high pixel density of micro-LEDs, the images looked incredibly clear.

So far, Samsung has only released a vertical video with EDM music, but we hope it can give you an idea of ​​what was seen in the demo.

According to a Samsung spokesperson, since transparent MicroLED displays have high brightness compared to transparent OLED panels, as well as less affected by ambient light.

The bad news is that with Samsung’s current lineup of opaque MicroLED TVs costing $150,000 for a 110-inch model, it will be a while before these new TVs get cheaper.

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