Samsung Unveils Its Latest Innovation in Audio and Home Appliances, Powered by Artificial Intelligence

“Samsung World”, a huge event held by the brand yesterday in Frankfurt, allows us to see how artificial intelligence will fully enter our homes.

Samsung Unveils Its Latest Innovation in Audio and Home Appliances, Powered by Artificial Intelligence
Samsung’s new Music Frame speaker fits perfectly into your home

Less than two months have passed since the beginning of 2024, but Samsung has already made it clear what its essence is. bet on the future: artificial intelligence. This was shown yesterday in “Samsung World”event held in Frankfurt (Germany), which was attended by numerous international media outlets, including Urban Tecno, and where they presented their new range of TVs and the latest innovations in the field smart home audio and appliances.

Samsung clearly understands that artificial intelligence is the present and future of technology, and that is why the company wants to include it in more and more of the brand’s devices. In addition to the enormous advances made in the field of telephony, we will also be able to enjoy Artificial intelligence features in the new BESPOKE wireless speaker and home appliance line: washing machines, robotic vacuum cleaners and refrigerators, among others.

The South Korean manufacturer’s goal is for its customers to enjoy a much more comfortable and connected life, but also more personalized thanks to intelligent settings. In addition, the devices of this new line stand out elegant design in futuristic styleideal for integration into any modern home.

Music speaker

The sound field is also the protagonist of “Samsung World” thanks to the new Music Frame wireless speaker. As customizable as it is versatile, this device allows you to create a variety of audio solutions with SmartThings: you can use it as standalone wireless speakerpairing it with a Samsung TV, as well as soundbar with Q-Symphony functionwhich enhances the bass and creates a surround sound effect.

However, we haven’t seen its best feature yet. What really sets Music Frame apart from other audio devices is its original design, in the form of a photo frame and is designed to be fully integrated into the interior of the home. Of course, the vinyl photo can be replaced with another one you like.

Custom AI washing machine

The new BESPOKE AI washing machine also uses Samsung’s latest advances in artificial intelligence. Its energy efficiency is easily classed as A class, which means it consumes 50% less energy than average consuming appliances. In addition, with With AI Energy mode, you can save up to 70% energy..

Washing is its main innovation, as it uses five sensors that intelligently adjust the wash performance for each load. The AI ​​Wash function is used for this. measures the soiling of clothes, analyzes the features of use depending on the predominant fabric type for the last 10 washes and up to calculates the optimal amount of detergent depending on the brand we use, although the latter is not yet available.

Family refrigerator

We present to you one of the main characters of the new BESPOKE line: Family Hub. This refrigerator has touch screen built into one of the doorsthrough which we can access our entertainment platforms, take notes, view our calendar and even perform Screen Mirroring to mirror our mobile phone screen on the large refrigerator screen.

Its feature? AI Vision Inside Technologywhich uses an internal chamber to create automatic grocery list inside the refrigeratorand update it as they enter or leave it. Come on, it’s like a regular shopping list you take with you to the supermarket, but in reverse: its purpose is to make it easier to manage and control the food in your refrigerator.

Vacuum cleaners BESPOKE Jet Bot Combo and BESPOKE Jet AI

BESPOKE Jet Bot Combo is a new Robot vacuum cleaner from Samsung, capable recognize objects and avoid them thanks to AI that avoids worries without facing them. For example, a wine glass on the floor may break if the vacuum cleaner is spinning… but that won’t happen with this one.

This feature is not common to handheld vacuum cleaner CUSTOM MADE Jet AI, but both are capable analyze dirt and detect different types of soil via AI Floor Detect. This way, the vacuum cleaner can regulate power and maximize cleaning efficiency.

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