Samsung unveils its vision of artificial intelligence at CES 2024

CES 2024 takes place this week in Las Vegas. The most important technology exhibition in the world welcomes many offers from the world’s leading manufacturers and, of course, artificial intelligence plays a leading role in this event.

One of those that showed the most new products was Samsungwho gave a presentation to share her vision of how artificial intelligence will allow people to use their devices more intuitively.

“With the advent of artificial intelligence also we will be able to enjoy smarter experiences that will revolutionize the way we livesaid Chung Hee (JH) Han, Vice President, General Manager and Director of Device eXperience (DX) at Samsung. “We will be able to bring artificial intelligence and hyperconnectivity to all users across a wide range of devices, as well as our commitment to open collaboration with our partners.”

AI for a better audiovisual experience

In turn, Jonathan Gabrio, director of the Connected Experience Center at Samsung Electronics America, served as the master of ceremonies. new TVs from the company. New line focused on artificial intelligence.

For example, Samsung Neo QLED 8K QN900D, which has integrated artificial intelligence processoror The Premiere 8K, a new projector with a 150-inch screen and the world’s first wireless 8K streaming for a projector.

Inside, Samsung’s new TV is powered by the NQ8 AI Gen 3 processor, equipped with 8 times the neural network and an NPU twice as fast as its predecessor.. Thanks to this, the chip automatically upscales low-resolution content to provide users with an 8K viewing experience and enhances moving images with AI Motion Enhancer Pro.

Samsung also introduced Active Voice Amplifier Pro System, which analyzes voice and background noise using artificial intelligence to optimize your TV listening experience. This allows users to enjoy various contents with cinema quality.

Collaboration with Tesla

Another of the most discussed events was the new collaboration with Tesla. Thanks to this agreement, SmartThings Energy integrates with Elon Musk’s company productsincluding electric vehicles (EV), Powerwall home battery, solar inverter and EV Wall Connector charging solution.

Samsung also added new features to improve device accessibility, such as apps that respond to gestures. Additionally, mobile devices automatically generate captions during calls, and TVs and displays offer a new AI-powered text-to-speech feature that converts subtitles into voice audio.

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