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The Neo QLED 8K, Neo QLED 4K, OLED and Audio lines received the first expert assessment

Samsung Electronics recently launched a new line of displays for 2024. advanced artificial intelligence technologies that delivers incredible visuals and redefines home entertainment. Critics around the world have been given early access to Samsung’s latest products, making it clear that this line 2024 is causing a stir among industry professionals.

▲The 2024 Samsung Neo QLED 8K, Neo QLED 4K and OLED display models have received high marks from various experts.

Samsung’s 2024 display and audio lineup sets a new standard, offering cutting-edge features and innovations that promise an unparalleled viewing experience. Below are some of the main aspects that stood out in early reviews.

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(Neo QLED 8K) Expert reviews, Newsweek, Trusted reviews, What Hi-Fi?

(Neo QLED 4K) Expert reviews

(OLED) Newsweek, Sound and Vision, Tehaeris, Trusted Reviews

(Music shot) Technical

(HW-Q900D) Tehaeris, Newsweek

(HW-S800D) Technical

Improve your TV viewing experience with NQ8 AI Gen3 processor

Smart TV QLED Neo 8K 2024 from Samsung – a comprehensive solution that includes AI-powered 8K image upscaling to deliver true-to-life image quality. This year, Samsung introduced its latest and most innovative processor, the NQ8 AI Gen3. Equipped with the 2024 Neo QLED 8K display QN900D, this processor optimizes picture and sound for the best 8K picture quality using a neural processor that is twice as fast as its predecessor. The number of neural networks has also been increased eightfold, so no matter what users watch, they will be able to enjoy levels of detail and clarity close to native 8K content.

▲Top impressions from Newsweek, Trusted Reviews, Expert Reviews and What Hi-Fi? in 2024 on Samsung Neo QLED 8K

The media loves Expert reviews They praised the TV’s processing power QN900Dsaying: “The new NQ8 AI Gen 3 processor uses 512 neural networks to deliver unprecedented image quality.“. The same media outlet also highlighted the AI-powered 8K upscaling capabilities: “This powerful AI-powered feature delivers incredible detail regardless of native resolution and seamlessly upscales any content below 8K, delivering crisp images free of banding and compression artifacts.“.

Trusted Reviews He also praised the Neo QLED 8K QN900D’s upscaling feature, writing: It’s amazing how much detail upscaling technology can add to already detailed parts of a 4K image; 4K turns to 8K right before your eyes“. The review also states: “Its dazzling brightness, exceptional LCD contrast, vibrant colors and innovative upscaling processing prove that you don’t need 8K content to enjoy the benefits of an 8K TV.

Newsweek awarded to Neo QLED 8K QN800D Difference Editor’s Choice (Editor’s Choice), highlighting the benefits this processor offers users. gamers: Gaming performance is excellent thanks to scaling, high refresh rates and AI-powered gameplay.“.

What Hi-Fi? also mentioned the quality of the Neo QLED 8K QN900D: Its picture quality far surpasses that of its predecessor in almost every aspect, leaving the best OLED TVs of 2024 behind and marking a new level of upscaling to remind us that, without a doubt, 8K TVs don’t have to accept 8K content to make a difference“. (75” QN900D, What Hi-Fi?, March 2024)

Neo QLED 4K with sharp realism and dynamic contrast

TO Neo QLED 8K Coming in 2024 is an updated lineup of Neo QLED 4K displays, which are turning heads with critics for their advanced features and viewing experience powered by the NQ4 AI Gen2 processor.

Expert reviews praised the Neo QLED 4K QN95D AI TV, saying: The new processor provides exceptional artificial intelligence functions for optimizing picture and sound; Upscaling and image processing are excellent and add value, as is the impressive AI-powered motion processing.“.

This year’s Neo QLED 4K continues to deliver better 4K picture quality, enhanced by features like Real Depth Enhancer Pro and Quantum Matrix technology, as mentioned in the following observation. Expert reviews: “The Samsung QN95D is an incredible 4K TV that retains last year’s category-leading Mini-LED backlight and local dimming features, but includes advanced picture processing to produce some of the best SDR and HDR pictures available on a high-end TV.“.

Impressive OLED brightness with AI

Screen Portfolio Samsung OLED 2024Like the S95D, it offers high levels of detail, high frame rates and incredibly bright images up to 77 inches, continuing the legacy of its predecessor.

Smart OLED TVs have received recognition from several outlets this year, including Newsweekwhich awarded Samsung S95D Editor’s Choice Award. Tehaeris also praised the S95D, noting: “Overall, the Samsung S95D is the best performing OLED TV I’ve used this year.“; in its turn, Trusted Reviews commented on this “The QE65S95D is, in my opinion, Samsung’s most attractive OLED TV to date, with a gorgeous futuristic design thanks to its striking thinness.“.

▲Techaeris and Sound & Vision’s top impressions of Samsung OLED in 2024

The Samsung OLED uses the NQ4 AI Gen2 processor, the same powerful processor found in the Neo QLED 4K lineup. Samsung OLED displays come with features like Real Depth Enhancer and OLED HDR Pro that take picture quality to the next level. Tehaeris awarded the S95D with an “Editor’s Choice” award and praised scaling from Samsung, saying: “Thanks to the Samsung NQ4 AI Gen2 processor, Samsung’s AI scaling technology has always been one of the best.“.

The Samsung OLED S95D is 20% brighter than previous models, features deep, rich blacks and AI-enhanced color rendering, lauded by industry publications such as Fiduciary Reviewswho stated: “The 65S95D’s extra brightness really makes a difference in its contrast, as the bright highlights between light and dark images emit a vibrancy you’ve never seen before.“. Sound and Vision He also emphasized: “Samsung has improved color display this year. Uses artificial intelligence technology to analyze and present more natural colors, especially in the finest skin tones.

Samsung’s new Glare Free OLED technology maintains brightness and color accuracy while reducing glare and maintaining image clarity for immersive viewing even in daylight. In my assessment, Sound and Vision he pointed out: “With improved brightness levels and an incredible matte screen design, the Samsung QN77S95D is one of the best-looking and best-performing OLED TVs we’ve tested.“. The media also ranked television as a “Top Choice.”

With features like Motion Xcelerator 144Hz for smooth motion and fast response speed, Samsung OLED is a delight for gamers. Sports lovers and gamers They can enjoy smooth and clear movement on the screen. Sound and Vision praised OLED for these aspects, stating in his review that “When not being used for watching movies or TV shows, the Samsung S95D is an outstanding 4K OLED display for gaming.“. Newsweek He also praised the device for its gaming capabilities, noting that “This OLED display is perfect for watching movies and offers a great gaming experience.“.

Create an immersive audio sanctuary in your home

Samsung’s 2024 audio lineup features newly updated models featuring advanced AI algorithms and accolades for stunning sound quality and sleek design.

New this year is music frame from Samsung, a customizable speaker that delivers rich sound and perfect connectivity. Working as a standalone wireless speaker or adding audio to your Samsung TV and soundbar, it boosts bass and delivers high-quality surround sound. Technical In his analysis he noted that “Samsung Music Frame is a stylish and innovative addition to the smart speaker market, seamlessly combining the functionality of a wireless speaker with the aesthetic appeal of a customizable photo frame.” and awarded the device an “Editor’s Choice” award.

▲Samsung Music Frame and Soundbar 2024 impressed Techlicious and Newsweek reviewers

At the top of the line sound panels found HW-Q990Dwhich analyzes the sound and uses artificial intelligence to optimize the sound, ensuring perfect playback of a wide range of content without leaving home, as noted. Tehaeris: “Once everything is installed, all you have to worry about is finding the right movie to get the most out of this soundbar.“. Likewise, Newsweek stated: “With 22 speakers and a stunning combination of upward-firing and side-firing speakers, the HW-Q990D is a great way to immerse yourself in Dolby Atmos when watching movies or gaming, while also delivering stunning surround sound for sports.“. Newsweek He also awarded the device an Editor’s Choice award and concluded his review by saying, “The Samsung Q990D is the best Dolby Atmos soundbar you can buy in 2024.“.

Ultrathin soundbar HW-S800D offers consumers superior sound quality while fitting perfectly into any space at just 1.6 inches wide. Technical recognized this device as an “Editor’s Choice” and added that it “An ideal choice for those who want to improve the sound of their TV without sacrificing style or space.” And “The incredibly thin S800D makes watching movies immersive and listening to music a pleasure.“.

Samsung continues to reimagine the world of home entertainment, strengthening its legacy as world leader in the television market for 18 years And World leader in the soundbar market for a decade.

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