Santos spoke about the dispute with Cristiano in Qatar

After his performance in Besiktas, the Portuguese spoke about what happened to the player at the World Cup.

More than a year later, Fernando Santosformer coach of the Portuguese national team, spoke about what happened to Cristiano Ronaldo during Qatar World Cup 2022 where the coach made the questionable decision to leave the team captain on the bench for several games.

He did this during a presentation Besiktas Turetsky this Tuesday also told the details of what happened with CR7 at the global event.

“Ronaldo played the first three games and then we tactically decided that he should remain on the bench. It was purely a collective decision, the coaching staff and I thought about what was best for the team, it was not a personal matter. If we had not eliminated each other, perhaps we would not have talked about this. “The decision was tactical.”

For his part, he spoke about Turkey, a country he knows well: “Being part of such a huge club and being here is very important. This club is 120 years old. And not only this. Victories have been achieved, trophies have been achieved… I have been to Turkey twice as an opponent. Once in Istanbul and once in Ankara. Istanbul is a beautiful city. I also came on vacation several times with my family.

He also spoke about the goals he pursues in the team: “We are not in a good position in the league, but we will unite and work to achieve victories. We need fans along the way. They are all very important in this story. Now we need to stay calm, be realistic and review the squad. We will analyze this together. Quality is very important, very important detail. “It requires quality, passion, character and the ability to represent the club well on the pitch.”

Finally, Santos assured that he spoke with several players who came through Besiktas before making his decision: “Before coming to Istanbul, I spoke with Pepe and Ricardo Quaresma. They said I was in a great club. I also talked to Simao, I have a good relationship with him. “Everyone congratulated me on my decision.”

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