Saoirse Ronan and Paul Mescal have arrived to rescue this drama from the depths of science fiction.

The movie that will reunite Saoirse Ronan and etc. Paul Mescal, two comedians do not have the talent confirmed in Anna, obviously intrigue! At 29 years old, the young woman left an excellent filmography. And if she received her first Oscar nomination for best supporting role 13 years ago for the film Revien-Moy Joe Wright, she continued to improve her performance. Elle a notamment joué dans les longs métrages Hannah, “The Grand Budapest Hotel”, “Lady Bird” Mary Stuart, Queen of Ecossa you’re doing an encore Les Filles du Doctor March. Compared to Paul Mescal, this is the beginning of an acting career plus the end, this is the acceleration of an accomplished impression in the series. Ordinary people in 2020. On l’a ensuite vu dans Lost Daughter you’re doing an encore After the sun at the cinema. It is currently open in 2024 in Gladiator 2 Ridley Scott as Lucius. The two comedians also have no lines in the film. enemy, available on Prime Video. Another detour?

Story enemy

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Based on the novel of the same name by Ian Reid. enemy She left in 2065 with Hen (Saoirse Ronan) and Junior (Paul Mescal), a couple who married after September and live in prison with an isolated family. Work the land separately from Junior’s family after several generations until a quiet life comes. Just recently, the new prospect has returned, and the strange Terrence (Aaron Pierre) is presented in a new light with a surprising newness. Junior is the choice that must be made to send him to a spatial experimental station in orbit, by de la Terre, pendant for two years. If the couple is in reserve when they are separated, Terrence explains that the robot has Junior’s physique and the prendra’s conscience takes the place of the suspended son to leave so that he does not rest himself. Are they willing to risk relationships and identify personnel for a chance to continue surviving in the new world?

Our criticism enemy

An intimate drama from the depths of science fiction

As a result of the devastation of the world due to climate change in the film Montreux, the planet became increasingly uninhabitable. “Humanite” is a duty that must be performed in order to confront these people in search of hope for happiness. enemy You are playing for a Midwestern Hermit Coin in the University States, based on the images. When you see that the Earth is becoming, and scenes are taking place in the old house, your soul feels like suffocation. Les paysages desséchés et les teintes chaudes enhance these emotions. Moreover, payment plans s’étendant à perte de vue sont d’une telle beauté qu’ils nous offrent une qui est la bienvenue. Cinematography is not a parfaitement mise en valeur dans. enemy. If the book is written as a psychological thriller and horror based on science fiction, then this last part in the film is in a mini-reality. enemy relève en effect plus intimate drama.

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L’exploration intime d’un mariage qui s’essouffle

The film also explores the evolution of marriage and relationships existing in an unstable world. Junior recreates meme patterns “after work” and out of routine. I think this happened in the past, and it emphasized the decor and habits of people who knew that our type exceeded all expectations when the intrigue fell apart in the future. Here he dies and dies with his true feelings. She was jealous of more people when they arrived and didn’t have time to confer… once they arrived from Terrance. Lorsk was last with the couple preparing to leave the juniors and he passed his diver tests. But first of all, asking some questions in time is a couple, so that the IA (artificial intelligence) replica is the maximum possible. A situation complicating the encore plus the relationship of the characters, malgré l’amour qu’ils ressentent l’un pour l’autre. Cela montre ce qui se produit si on n’écoute plus les kisses de l’autre, or les envy not a coincidence plus. With Terrance’s questions, they are in the finale, as well as those that remained unresolved and desired.

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Saoirse Ronan and Paul Mescal are deprived of magnificent and poignant performances

If this study remains acute over time, then it is Malheureusement Mise à Mal Par un Rythme Extreme. Film “Sternise and intrigue without cleavage.” This is not something that will end the film and allow it to return to a situation where it repeats its failure enemy. The denouement was approaching faster and faster, the final laissera peut-être raised more questions in the audience than answers. If the scene is full and some of the dialogue uninteresting, the performances by Saoirse Ronan and Paul Mescal are undeniably superb. Leur alchimie à l’écran is undeniable and his performances evoke emotions. With these narratives, the film does not recover for a very long time in our memories. However, the conclusion will be religious, plus psychological and spiritual in questions about the nature of humanity, and artificial humanism, she is waiting for us for an encore after the vision!

Bande announcement enemy

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Oh voir enemy streaming?

I filmed it enemy starring Saoirse Ronan and Paul Mescal, will be available in France on Prime Video on January 5, 2024.

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