Scarlett Johansson and the photos of her first important role in Hollywood

Recognized worldwide for her great acting talent, Scarlett Johansson began her career at a very young age, developing mainly in commercials. Her film debut was in 1994, close to turning 10 years old, in a film called “North”, considered one of the worst films made.

However, she continued her career and garnered attention for her breakout performance in the 1998 film “The Horse Whisperer” directed by Robert Redford. This tape earned her recognition within the industry and being considered one of the most promising actresses in Hollywood.

Precisely, a series of photographs taken during the casting of the aforementioned film have been spread on Instagram and other social networks. It shows a teenager Scarlett Johansson very close to turning 15 years old.

Scarlett Johansson’s photos from her beginnings in Hollywood

The year was 1998, and the now Marvel actress was preparing to play the role of Grace MacLean in the film “The Horse Whisperer”. More than 20 years after those pictures were taken, her face looks completely the same as when she was 14 years old.

A few years later, Scarlett Johansson’s career took a big leap and she began to receive awards and nominations, at just 19 years old, for the Golden Globe and the BAFTA awards.

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