Scarlett Johansson came into her career after being cast for a sci-fi film that the whole world knows

Scarlett Johansson loves more sci-fi films. More abuse, the actress refused long-distance casting and cheating is a huge norm for her. Elle a même avoue que suite à ce refus, “elle a touché le fond.” Find out what it is and find out who deeply touched the star…

Scarlett Johansson is here today with one of Hollywood’s biggest stars, but she’s not yet satisfied with the tour she’s preparing for her career.

In fact, the moment he left, he was on the verge of jeter l’éponge. This is mainly due to the excellent sci-fi film in its memorability.

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I love this role

The actress knew that the silver lining of her career coincided with the two films she had to watch. I hope that with Iron Man 2 the story will end well, but with Gravity it won’t be the same as with Rappelle elle-même:

I want to say this role. I touched love. I am very disappointed and without hope. The job I offered seemed deeply unsatisfactory to me. I thought I had offered up every Marilyn Monroe scene of all time. Je suis dit: “Est-ce la fin du chemin creatif?”“.

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Australian lira

This sci-fi film has the potential to succeed in China, but it failed for the second time in front of the Star Wars star.
This sci-fi film that opens a huge saga has failed miserably, but it also has the opportunity to enjoy a golden opportunity.
After making billions of dollars from these films, the queen of sci-fi will make a completely different film.

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