SCHK Kalama spent an important working day with a specialist in the field of occupational medicine

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Various professionals and representatives of companies related to health and safety from the Chilean Chamber of Construction of Calama met at a seminar aimed at attracting more companies to commit themselves to these important issues for their sustainable development. Thus, the head of the department of sustainable development of CChC, Alvaro Uribe Tobar, arrived at the regional chamber, accompanied by a speaker, occupational medicine specialist Dr. Alejandro Morales Freire, who spoke about the importance of occupational health and safety, emphasizing the pillar of well-being. .

Dr. Morales, emphasizing the words of CChC Occupational Health and Safety Commission President Jorge Schwerter Hofmann, opined that “although safety is not the center of business, without safety there is no business.” That’s why, the doctor added, “in this sense, everything that is done in terms of dissemination, raising awareness, bringing more people into the group of those who care about the safety, health and well-being of people in the workplace,” “They are a contribution.”

A highly participatory workshop where participants had the opportunity to exchange professional experiences from different companies, get to know each other and create a network that has benefits beyond the workshop itself. The event was attended by both business owners and employees, who in the fields of psychology, medicine and risk prevention contributed to the group work, which resulted in the presentation of their findings on the activities in a plenary session based on the goals and the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

The former president of the Chilean Construction Chamber of Calama, Alfonso Sánchez Díaz, was one of the businessmen actively involved in this activity, concluding that on this occasion he had the opportunity to learn about the requirements of professionals in these fields. company. . Thus, he said that “my work group colleagues made me realize the importance of management involvement in these matters, since the well-being of the company and its workers requires active participation from management, and they must have a budget.” development of activities,” he said.

Likewise, CChC’s Head of Sustainability Alvaro Uribe Tobar stated that “I think it’s really important that partners have access to this, that their teams have access to this. Having a co-build site means we understand that managing sustainability and health and safety is a priority for us.” The person responsible for sustainable development also added that “this is the first dimension of sustainable development, which is related to the safety and health of people, so we encourage companies to participate, join and incorporate these recommendations into their plans. “Don’t give up because we have a common goal and a common crusade, which is zero fatalities, and that’s what drives us.”

A group work day which we are sure will be a before and after event as the United Nations defines sustainability as; allowing “the needs of the present to be met without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.” The goal that the Chamber promotes, based on its commitment to, is a strategic axis, where occupational health and safety is one of the pillars, to ensure that workers in the construction industry have increasing well-being and better living conditions.

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