Schweppes turned an ad into a non-alcoholic gin fountain

Using a tap, a giant bottle of 0.0% Tanqueray pours non-alcoholic gin onto the Schweppes sign in Plaza de Callao, while a helicopter delivers an ice cube. Everything was done using computer graphics.

In Madrid’s Plaza de Callao, a tap holds a giant bottle of Tanqueray 0.0%, pouring non-alcoholic gin into a glass that is none other than the iconic Schweppes sign. Shot on stunning video, the scene combines the power of computer graphics technology and artificial intelligence to take outdoor advertising simulation to a new level of creativity and entertainment.

The project, conceived by Tanqueray and developed in collaboration with PHD Media España and the production company Dos35, joins the trend of “fake exit”, an advertising strategy that has gained relevance and attention in recent months. The initiative aims not only to surprise viewers, but also to establish a strategic and consistent connection between the Tanqueray and Schweppes brands.

The Schweppes sign, located on the Carrion Building since 1969, has been a city landmark for more than half a century. The intervention of Tanqueray 0.0% represents a new element that Diageo Southern Europe Marketing Director Ursula Mejía-Melgar said was essential to complete the iconic look. “In this case, Tanquera, something was missing,” he told ReasonWhy.

This strategy aims not only to highlight the innovation of Tanqueray 0.0%, but also to take advantage of the natural synergy between Schweppes non-alcoholic gin and tonic. The result is a product mix that reflects general consumer habits and enhances the advertising message by incorporating cultural and cinematic references.

Mejía-Melgar emphasizes the importance of strategic consistency in outdoor advertising simulations. “It is very important that creativity does not exist just for the sake of business, but is limited to individual works,” he commented. Instead, it emphasizes the need for the story being told to be narratively aligned with the brand’s narrative and purpose. In this sense, the campaign of Tanqueray and Schweppes stands out not only for its visual spectacle, but also for its strategic consistency.

Diageo’s Southern Europe Marketing Director shares the vision for this unique campaign: “Tanqueray 0.0% is a brand that strives to innovate and this Fake Out Of Home campaign fits perfectly with our values ​​of constantly seeking excellence while challenging the status quo. “

The decision to use the Schweppes mark, a symbol that is relevant to consumers, highlights the importance of selecting iconic locations for counterfeiting outside the home. “We wanted to start 2024 with something amazing,” says Mejia-Melgar. This strategy, which has become a relevant and interesting phenomenon in recent months, has allowed Tanqueray and Schweppes to differentiate themselves, provide visibility and effectively connect with their audience.

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