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Face à une Telle Publication, on en perdrait presque notre français… January 20, 2024 Jennifer Lopez is part of a photograph that has no indifference to the toile. And to call… Sur ce cliché posted on Instagram about how Jennifer Lopez discovered Jennifer Lopez more radiant than ever in sexy lingerie.

An icon of seduction?

In this photo, the actress, singer, and businesswoman is posing in a lingerie ensemble consisting of soutine gorge and de couleur rouge Passion culottes. Elle porte également un peignoir en soie de la même couleur. The ensemble, which was delighted and averted the silhouette of the dream. Bien entendu, Jennifer Lopez we went down when Saint Valentin was approaching and that my fevries were the place where love was signed. The look is in collaboration with the lingerie brand Intimissimi, for which she is beautiful. The cliche, which is a cardboard box, is intended to reach more than 400,000 people within a few hours.

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Jennifer Lopez: an inspiring woman

This isn’t a premiere where Jennifer Lopez has to look like she’s wearing lingerie. On October 18, the star looks at everyone in a prenant pose in beautiful underwear with a jacket. A look verified by 1.2 million people. Plus, January 10, 2024, Jennifer Lopez is on vacation (…)

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Speaking in a different language than the mother tongue, it was seduction in this sketch.

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