Sea of ​​Stars will have a deluxe physical edition: versions and date announced

Sea of ​​Stars will have a deluxe physical edition for PS5, PS4, Xbox and Switch, with Collector’s and Standard editions announced, as well as a release date for this great RPG.

Sea of ​​Starsone of games Last year’s most beloved album finally confirms its physical release date. Since its release digitally in August 2023, as well as on PS Plus and Xbox Game Pass, we knew this was a game worth remembering. Physical formateven if you’ve already played it.

Diversion studioThe creators of Sea of ​​Stars have teamed up with iam8bit to release a physical edition that will hit stores, and now we know when and how: will be released on May 10.

These physical editions will be released on PlayStation 5, PS4, Nintendo Switch and Xbox (valid on Xbox Series X and Xbox One). There will be a standard edition that will appear in stores. May 10and an exclusive edition, only from its website, without an exact date.

First of all, at this point the price is in dollars and the date is in the US, but that’s a common occurrence for iam8bit games. distributed by Meridiem Games in let’s be careful.

Physical versions of Sea of ​​Stars

Sea of ​​Stars

The standard edition of the game will go on sale on May 10. Includes Switch cartridge or PS and Xbox disc in box and all editions will come with double poster with art by Bryce Kha.

Pre-order now to receive the soundtrack in digital format. This edition costs $39.99 (probably 39.99 euros).

Sea of ​​Stars

Exclusive version of iam8bit, on the other hand, can only be obtained through the iam8bit website. Includes all of this:

  • Retro style instructions
  • Collection business
  • Poster with original illustration and huge game map
  • Digital soundtrack download
  • 4 pages of stickers

This version is REGIONAL FREE, so you don’t care if it’s the US version: it will work on your console. Plus it costs almost the same $44.99although it will ship in the second quarter, with no exact date.

We emphasize that these are prices and dates for iam8bit, whose releases usually reach Spanish stores through Meridiem Games. Without knowing about the Spanish publisher, we can hope that May 10 will arrive in stores Sea of ​​Stars For PS5, PS4, Xbox and Switch in physical format.

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