Search continues for missing fishermen in Pinmar after discovery of kayak

This is a kayak found by the Prefecture near Villa Gesell

Following the search, a kayak was discovered approximately 40 kilometers off the coast of Villa Gesell, with the same characteristics as the one that was used. ramon roman And gabriel raimanThese fishermen disappeared after entering the sea off a Buenos Aires resort a week ago PinamarBoats and land vehicles continued searching for new spots to find their friends this Sunday.

The boat was discovered by an aircraft on Saturday afternoon, 37 kilometers off the coast of Villa Gesell. Argentine Naval Province (PNA) and, after being recovered by the Mantilla Coast Guard of the security force that participated in the deployed search, it was transferred to the city of Mar del Plata.

Sources associated with the search and rescue operation said that relatives of Roman, 56, and Raiman, 38, received photographs and detailed information about the characteristics of the kayaks found off the coast. Which allowed us to establish that this would be the same boat that they used,

A range of colours, brands and specifications That the kayak had confirmed that hypothesis. Another indication was that the boat that was found had a metal structure that was not original from the factory, but was added to it to be able to carry a small motor, a feature that was mentioned when reporting the disappearance. Was.

Based on these elements, relatives indicated that this would be the boat in which Roman and Raiman were sailing. However, this will be known in the coming days An expert report on kayaksWhich will be prepared by the Criminal and Administrative Investigations Sector of the PNA in its Mar del Plata delegation.

Gabriel Raimon and Ramon Román, two friends who disappeared in Pinamar (Facebook)

Sources close to the matter indicated that it was not planned that relatives of the fishermen would initially travel to Mar del Plata to personally identify the boat, as they preferred to stay in the area of ​​Pinamar and Villa Gesell, where the new fishermen Was searched for. Ongoing. Traces of missing people.

In that sense, both the PNA, the Buenos Aires Police and the coastal municipalities deployed boats, jet skis and land vehicles since the morning on the beach of Pinamar and Villa Gesell. Meanwhile, the air deployment did not continue actively this Sunday, although both PNA aircraft and helicopters were in a position to rejoin operations if any new signals were reported.

As part of the search, it was found on a beach in Gesell before the kayak was discovered. a yellow floatWhich according to the fishermen’s children was part of the boat.

On the other hand, once the boat was found, the coast guard in charge of its recovery and transfer continued the search in the area during daylight hours, and at night they began the return to the port of Mar del Plata.

Earlier, authorities had found a boat: Roman’s relatives indicated that it belonged to Ramon’s yacht.

Romain, a resident of Pinamar, and Raimon, who came to the Atlantic coast from the province of Misiones, disappeared after driving to the beach area with a black Toyota Hilux at high altitude in the early hours of last Sunday. Robles dynastyAt Pinamar Party.

According to the reconstruction done by the investigators of the case, They entered the sea from the sea descent of Valeria del Marwith the intention of going fishing in a kayak and since then no trace of them has been found.

According to a police report made on Monday by the son of one of the two missing women, they went down with a red/orange kayak with a motor and entered the sea. cause of “Investigation of whereabouts” the prosecutor is in charge juan pablo calderonHead of Pinamar’s Decentralized Functional Instruction Unit No. 4.

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