Season 2 won’t open until 2025

The second season of Mercredi, starring Jenna Ortega, won’t be renewed until 2025 on Netflix, so it’s still two years away from premiering on the streaming platform.


  • Mercredi It won’t be revived until 2025.
  • The Netflix series is influenced by Hollywood’s woes.
  • Jenna Ortega will produce the second season of the series. Mercredi.
  • Season 2 casting Mercredi vacation failed.

Mercredi’s second season will be released in 2025.

Fans of the series have achieved success Mercredi Devront is armed with patience. In fact, the second season of the Netflix drama, ported by American comedian Jenna Ortega, will not return until 2025.

Disrupted production

Selon deadlineseason 2 production Mercrediwhich will debut in late April 2023 in Ireland, which has had an impact on Hollywood series that will still make up a large part of the second semester of 2023. This delay will explain why the series will not be shown next semester. year.

What’s the trend for Mercredi’s second season?

The premiere season of Mercredi, written by show co-creators Alfred Gough and Miles Millar, ends on a cliffhanger as Mercredi, a member of the famous Addams Family, begins an affair à un inconnu qui semble la traquer. Jenna Ortega, who plays the main character, is present in her role in season 2, as she also becomes a producer.

Jenna Ortega and a couple of others said that Season 2 concentrates on elements of horror and intelligence.and leave the sous-intrigue of the romantic season 1. The casting of the past season will leave time for an encore, because he was present for those who are the main members of the Addams family, resurrected.

Prestigious casting.

The season premiere was available at a prestigious casting call with the participation of Gwendoline Christie, known for her role in Game of Thronesand Christina Ricci, who portrayed the young Mercredi in the 1990 film. Fans came out eagerly to return for the season 2 casting.

Accompanied by the season premiere Mercredi It is available to stream on Netflix.

What are you thinking?

Ce is behind in production Mercredi illustrates the consequences of Hollywood’s sins in the entertainment industry. In any case, this gives the creators of the series an opportunity to offer fans of the second season more attention. Of interest, Jenna Ortega is a food box that is the source of a new dynamic in the series.

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