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Destensions depuis pres de deux ans

Is this a tonal reaction? Pas tant que ça. In the case of the trial that pitted Johnny Depp against her, the comedienne was delighted with the jury, who confirmed that the conflict had affected her career and her role in the role. Aquaman 2, what is important now is what has already passed. “I have a lot of colors to relax in this movie. (Les Producteurs) ne voulaient pas de moi (due to scandal)Avait-elle declaré. I received the script, I can find other versions of the script or, for example, a reversal, nominations for scenes that bother me and that bother me.“.

Or this version will be available immediately and released by DC and developer James Wan. Clearly irritated by this goal, you cinéaste avait rappelé à EW que la reduction de sa presence dans l’intrigue avait toujours fait partie du plan Initial: “After the release, I outlined my vision as follows: the first Aquaman is the adventures of Arthur and Mera and the second cell of Arthur and Orm. “At the same time, the premiere is an adventure film with romance, the next one is an adventure film with bromance.”. Et d’ajouter, saoulé: “I bought you“.

De quoi comprendre pourquoi l’actrice n’a pas été très demandée for la promo et pourquoi Amber Heard, avant cette blague sur le plat d’Aquaman 2ne s’était pas expressée sur this sortie…

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