Seeing her current role, Amber Heard is missing out on Aquaman 2’s box office failure.

Aquaman 2 announcement.  Jason Momoa leaves room with Aquaman 3 - BestImage

Aquaman 2 announcement. Jason Momoa leaves room with Aquaman 3 – BestImage

Jason Momoa is waiting for the boxes next breath to receive the three-part series. Currently in theaters, Aquaman 2: The Lost Empire is essentially the latest flop in the superhero movie genre. Cheating for a comedian, best for Amber Heard. It’s a shame that the role of Mera, which you relegated to this issue, became an actress who profited from Instagram to become the starting point for a small project.

Cinema after December 20, 2023, Aquaman 2 – Royal Lost Your cash register is a disaster with recipes collected after a $273 million foray. Certes, a new film ported by Jason Momoa, which awaits toujours une suite, est déjà assuré d’être le projet DC qui a le plus cartonné sur une, loin devant Shazam 2 ($134 million worldwide), blue beetle ($129 million from world recipes), etc. Flash ($271 million worldwide), but its performance is ranked 9th in the Top 15 DCEU films. Or when he says 8th movie(Shazam) is a devant lui with $ 363.5 million worth of recipes, realizing that this new episode of Grappiller Quelques Places Supplementaires will be difficult…

Amber Heard in the movie “Failure”Aquaman 2

Un échec qui s’explain notamment par la assitude du public pour les superhero films (Marvel a également vu ses projets issus du MCU flopper ces derniers mois), most of all… due to the presence of Amber Heard in the casting. After this, an affair with Johnny Depp appeared in the media and his conviction for defamation of his ex-wife, who accused him of spousal violence, part of the public, in fact, decided to boycott. Aquaman 2 in this figure.

And, importantly, an actress participated in the promo of this suite, and only three people, she is tout de même…

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