Segmented increases in prepaid fees begin to take effect

To apply for the staggered increase, you must enter the official page of AFIP or through the Photo Archive app.
To apply for the staggered increase, you must enter the official AFIP page or through the app / Photo: file.

Customers of prepaid medical companies will begin to receive As of this Wednesday, February invoices with increases of 8.21% and 4.91% in those cases in which they carried out the process to access a segmented rate for receiving a figure equivalent to less than 6 minimum wages.

Likewise, the Superintendence of Health Services defined this Tuesday that the increases for March will be 7.66% and 5.04% as appropriate, based on what was published in the Health Cost Index.

The modifications were authorized in November by Resolution 2577/2022when “monthly increases in the value of the fees of prepaid medical entities” were established.

In addition, Decree 743/2022 determined that as of February 1 and for a period of 18 months, the increases for users who have a net income of less than six (6) Minimum, Vital and Mobile Wages (SMVM) will be capped maximum “ninety percent (90%) of the Average Taxable Remuneration Index of Stable Workers (RIPTE) of the immediately preceding month published.”

The two types of increments

In this way, in each month there will be two types of increases: one for those who have income greater than (6) Minimum, Vital and Mobile Wages (SMVM) and another for those who have income below and have been noted on a form created by the Superintendence of Health Services.

Thus, the increases in February will be 8.21% and 4.91% and in March 7.66% and 5.04%.

In the second month of the year, the increases for those who have registered to the form will be below the inflation of December which was 5.1%, the month that was taken as a reference to calculate the 90% of the RIPTE that shapes the final number of the increase.

The registration to the form for those who receive net income less than six (6) Minimum, Vital and Mobile Salaries (SMVM) must be done every month between days 1 and 20 on the official website of the AFIP or in its application. In other words, as of this Wednesday, registration will be open again for the March adjustment.

Meanwhile, the affiliates of the prepaid will begin to receive from this Wednesday the notification of the increase of the third month of the year.

The new increases will be added to those registered in January (6.9%), December 2022 (6.9%), October (11.53%), August (11.34%), July (4%), June (10%), May (8%), April (6%), March (6%) and January (9%).

In 2021 there were six increases, and in the first year of the pandemic (2020) only one (10% in December).

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