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american singer Selena Gomez he has a new illusion and his heart is happier than ever. This time it’s about another musician, Andrew “Drew” Taggart, a member of The Chainsmokers and since it was confirmed that they are dating there are various tests that reinforce this romance. How did the love story begin?

On this occasion, the now actress and producer of ‘Only Murders in the Building’ from Disney Plus is opening the doors to love with a boy slightly older than her.

Selena Gomez (30) and Andrew “Drew” Taggart (33) would be dating, according to various publications and by revelations made by their friends who indicated that they saw each other in an exclusive club. At the moment, the celebrities have not spoken and neither have their representatives.

Evidence of Selena Gomez and Andrew “Drew” Taggart’s romance

On Tuesday, January 17, Page Six published some exclusive photos where both celebrities were caught bowling at The Gutter in New York City. Her departure took place on Sunday the 15th and in one of the images she appears holding a bowling ball with Taggart very close to her.

That’s not all, as close sources informed People that they were in a group and having a great time wearing casual clothes.

To complete the tests, Us Weekly reported that the musicians are developing a relationship. “very informal and discreet” and that she “can barely keep his hands off her”. A source told the publication that the couple “goes bowling and to the movies” and that they are enjoying their time together.

Who were Selena and Andrew’s previous couples?

Andrew “Drew” Taggart He was linked to Eve Jobs, the 24-year-old daughter of Steve Jobs and before that he had a year-long relationship with 30-year-old model and DJ Chantel Jeffries. That romance ended with April 2021 separating “amicably.” In addition, he was related to the model Meredith Mickelson and the influencer Haley Rowe.

Y Selena Gomez? Well, the singer has remained single for a long time and when she appeared on ‘Saturday Night Live’ in May 2022, she joked that “I’ve heard that SNL is a great place to find romance.”

Her most notorious romance was with the singer Justin Bieber which, between comings and goings, lasted six years, officially ending in 2018. In her documentary ‘Selena Gomez: My Mind & Me’ came to say that “I felt tormented by a past relationship that nobody wanted to leave (…) But then I got over it. I was no longer afraid (…) I feel that I had to go through the worst possible anguish. I just believe that it had to happen and ultimately it was the best thing that ever happened to me.”

After breaking up with Justin Bieber, she was romantically related to actor Justin Theroux and musician The Weeknd.

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