Selena Gomez, go ahead and let them talk what they want

Fame can give you everything, but it can also take it away. Can you imagine being a famous person, having fans all over the world, fulfilling your dreams and getting everything you want but having no peace of mind and losing your psychological health? Well that happened to Selena Gomez.

Since she was a child, Selena Gómez was in the spotlight. From Barney to the start of her career on the Disney Channel, little by little she was reaching her goals but she was also increasingly exposed to what they would say. “You’re fat”, “In the end everyone finishes you”, “You’re begging that person to come back to you”, “You have no talent” and other types of comments were the ones she constantly received on her social networks.


These comments and being in the spotlight in both productions and gossip began to deteriorate his mental health. Selena could get a little bloated (as millions of girls do) and they would say that she was pregnant or that she was eating too much.

One day Selena Gómez said enough, enough that they are judging me about my body, my emotions, my work or my attitudes. “Sel” she moved away from social networks and dedicated herself to her work, to continue growing her brand, continue acting and fight day by day for her dreams.

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