Selena Gomez hating school at 5 years old, is the cutest thing

The singer Selena Gomez is one of the most successful Disney stars, having an amazing career as an actress, to later take off as one of the most loved and followed singers of the moment and continuing with the fact that she is now an important business woman.

Well, her career has been recorded under the spotlight, because since she was a little girl she had already dabbled in the medium, that is why a nice video went viral where the famous but five-year-old girl is shown , being most adorable.

The video would be shared by MTV’s hip social networks, where it appears Selena Gomez as a child, only five years old, her hair a mess and the most comfortable outfit, being completely the cutest little girl on the internet.

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In the clip, the singer began to complain on the phone to someone else because her teacher had asked her to do a certain task again and apparently that required a great effort, so discontent and laziness took over. from her, because she started complaining about it.

The tender gestures and the way of expressing himself with only five years of age was what stole the hearts of the users of social networks, because they could not face so much tenderness of Selena Gomez hating school and upset at such “injustice”.

CLICKING HERE you can see the video.

Selena Gomez hating school at 5 years old, is the cutest thing

The name of the former Disney girl would be in trend after she made a glorious appearance on the red carpet of the Golden Globes event, looking fabulous in an elegant black dress that highlighted her beauty.


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