Selena Gomez in natural form, like you, who has never been seen

Ilsemblerait que le naturall soit tenance ces derniers temps. Et ce n’est pas pour nous déplaire! Is not it? Actress, producer, artist, Selena Gomez, we are at the plenary party on January 28, 2024. The 31-year-old star is choosing herself by nature, without eleven makeup looks on her toile.

Star in its natural form

The girl published a series of her photos on Instagram sans artifice sur son compte. The clichés remain: I discovered Selena Gomez in her swimsuit, I went out for an encore in my pajamas, I took selfies. Cheveux ébouriffés, teint parfait, sans maquillage, la jeune femme est raynnante. A publication whose cardboard can be collected after 3 million mentions of “j’aime” in which heures seulement. Hallucinating account!

Selena Gomez fucks with a cutie

In addition to delighting his fans, these photos received three thanks from his new companion, producer Benny Blanco. Previously, the young man commented on the publication with three emoticons with hearts in their eyes. De quoi montrer son amour pour sa chère et tenre. To set the record straight, after calling rumors of a potential hookup, the couple officially announced their love in December 2023. Please note on public evenings.

Come le Rapelle USA WeeklyLorca Selena Gomez, choice of official, son of the couple with Benny Blanco, she has fun with love on the big day: “Il est tout pour moi dans mon cœur. This is the best thing that never came to me. “Il est toujours meilleur que tous ceux avec qui j’ai été.” It’s like that!

I think Selena Gomez is more emotional than ever. And finally, that’s all there is to it! Alors, what thoughts do they have without makeup?

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