Selena Gomez insulted after Hailey Baldwin’s comments: Justin Bieber’s ex is stepping up to the plate

In the Call Her Daddy podcast dated September 28 on Spotify, Hailey Baldwin spoke about the rumors that she would have “Fly” Justin Bieber to Selena Gomez. The American singer spoke on TikTok after receiving a wave of insults.

It was an interview that caused a stir. On September 28, Hailey Baldwin gave an interview to the Call Her Daddy podcast, broadcast on Spotify. The opportunity for the young woman, who married Justin Bieber three years ago, to establish the truth about certain rumors that have haunted her for all these years. In March 2018, Selena Gomez put an end to her long-standing love affair with the Canadian singer. If the pretty brunette never spoke clearly about the reasons for this breakup, several tabloids suggested that the interpreter of sorry allegedly cheated on her with Hailey Baldwin. Other sources close to the former star couple have claimed that the model “stole” Justin Bieber from Selena Gomez. A rumor that persists. Kendall Jenner’s best friend therefore agreed to give herself up for the first time on these gossip that rot his existence.

“How has being married to someone with this level of fame impacted your identity?”asked host Alexandra Cooper. “Where to start”replied the niece of Alec Baldwin. “A lot of the hate and its perpetuation comes from the idea, ‘You stole it,’ but people need to learn the truth, because there is a truth,” she replied, before concluding once and for all: “The only people who know the truth are him and me. […] I was never in a relationship with him at the same time as Selena. When we started seeing each other, he wasn’t in a relationship at all. It’s not in my personality to destroy someone’s relationship, I would never do that. I was raised better than that. It does not interest me”. A convincing answer, but which did not have the expected effect.

Selena Gomez steps up after Hailey Baldwin interview

On the occasion of a live organized on her TikTok account, Selena Gomez decided to come back to the interview with her great rival, Hailey Baldwin. Except that, against all odds, the actress of the series Only Murders in the Building defended the model. In the images, the founder of Rare Beauty explains that she read comments “despicable and disgusting” about her. Words that left her speechless. “It is not fair”she admitted. And to add: “No one should ever be referred to the way I read and saw it”. The ex of The Weeknd closed the parenthesis, making a moral lesson to those who dared to attack her. “If you support Rare [sa marque de cosmétiques, ndlr]I can’t thank you enough, but know that you also represent what it means – and words matter. It’s really important. With that, have a great day.”, she concluded. That is said!

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