Selena Gomez reveals her beauty routine for PER-FEC-TA skin

Selena Gomez she has gorgeous skin, we can’t deny it! And beyond owing to her beauty brand, Rare Beauty, which offers products that further perfect her skin, the singer-actress puts a regimen of skin care giving you a healthy complexion from the inside out.

But what does it do? In a recent TikTok (which created a controversy after Hailey Bieber also shared her beauty routine) Selena Gomez She showed the step by step of her rituals and here we present them to you so that you can get a princess skin like hers. Ready to score?

Step 1: thermal water

The first that Selena Gomez does, is to spray thermal water all over his face until it is completely covered. She uses the one from Evian although, if you want to replicate her routine, you can apply the one you have at home! Thermal water is a very universal product and refreshing that can not be missing in your beauty routine both summer and winter.

Loaded with minerals that refresh, calm and hydrate the face, this is thermal water.

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Step 2: facial cleansing

Afterwards, the singer applies a facial cleanser from the luxury firm La Mer, with soft and circular movements to spread it over her skin without hurting it; she then she sprays some more of the hot spring water. Finally, she wipes down to remove any traces of makeup or dirt that are on her face.

TIP G: for this step you have the option of using cotton pads, but if you are looking to generate less waste and have a more sustainable beauty routine, we suggest using a facial make-up remover wipe like Sel, which you can wash and reuse as many times as you want.

Step 3: face and eye contour serum

Next, Selena applies a serum from Dior’s Capture Totale line, using an ascending massage, and then applies an eye treatment from the same brand, which has a metal dispenser that allows the area to be deflated and toned. If you have a gua sha or facial roller, this is a good time to use it to decongest the skin.

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