Selena Gomez said goodbye to the music album après son prochain

Encore un album et puis… c’est tout? At 31, Selena Gomez walks away, ready to serve her time singer-carrier. Bon, it will be available in 2021 before the notification changes! After 2013, three studio albums were released (Dance of the Stars, Revival and etc. Rare), end of 2023, when you’re single, Single coming soon, the announcement of a new album that will delight fans. But she was chosen by envy of each other.

Selena Gomez : “I never thought that I would sing in my free time”

« J’ai l’impression que j’ai encore un album en moi– said the young woman in the latest episode of the podcast. Insane. J’aimerais can stop me because I’m tired”, at-elle ajoute. Il est vrai que ces dernières années ont été éprouvantes pour sa santé mentale. Unable to withstand the pressure, “I was there in a psychiatric institute, canceled a month of tour and released Selena Gomez. Ça m’a touchee it seems that I am working, et cela me is distracted from the movez choosing. » Ideally, he strives to focus on himself. actress-career.

At the beginning, Selena does not know the ambitions of a chansonnier, but more than the names of the grains of stars before her, join l’écurie Disney dès son plus jeune âge a change la donne: “I never thought that I would sing in my free time, but most of all this hobby transforms when you choose something else.”, at-elle declaré. In fact, in 2011, she took advantage of this and insisted that she leave. “Plus as an actress. Je fais ma musique seems to have three passions for my music. I like music. I am the inspirer of humanity. I love brilliant songs that make me laugh. Mais c’est tout pour moi.”

Teen star, newest grace on the show Wizards of Waverly Place She wasn’t the heroine, Selena Gomez is what I know when she was in this flower “serious actress”. On l’a view dance spring Breakers and etc. Long day in New Yorkbut this is most of all the son of a role in the series Only murders in the building who gets permission to vote in the cap. This police comedy, which received critical and public acclaim, received two nominations. Golden Globe (in 2023 and 2024).

In addition to music and comedy, Selena Gomez launched her cosmetics brand Rare Beauty in 2020 (in the midst of a pandemic). Une réussite absolue, et inattendue, dont elle tires also une énorme fierté, “ça été le plus grand cadeau”, she is so rainbow. And then, she has another good reason for vuloir and pied: she Love And there is no milk plus producer Benny Blanco.

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