Selena Gomez wears the same pants she’s wearing for New Year’s Eve

La nouvelle année pointe le bout de son nez et l’heure est aux festivités. C’est pourquoi, nous sommes nombreux à vouloir dénicher la pièce parfaite qui nous fera briller le soir du Nouvel An. And Selena Gomez is the wrong staple of the season’s most coveted item: sequin pants. Check out this ultra-coveted trend.

Selena Gomez in gold sequin pants: the last dress she wore for New An

S’il ya bien un momento dans l’année où le bling bling est star: c’est bien durant les fêtes de fin d’année et plus particulièrement au Nouvel An. In fact, on the cherche désperément LA Piece qui nous permet de briller pendant holidays. And the 31-year-old singer did not ignore this “rhinestones and sequins” trend. Sur son compte Instagram, Selena Gomez has a post, plus everything for the day, photos in stories. On the other hand, strike a car pose and wear a beige trench coat, a black top, and oversized trousers with gold sequins. It is completely completed due to a pair of black sun lunettes. These are trousers tucked into a ponytail, est big et droit au level de se jambes. A product that evokes sensation and guarantees long-lasting comfort.

Comment from the receptionist with rhinestones, sequins and other sparkles at the Nouvel An evening?

If you’ve decided to go from a petite black robe to sequins, there are plenty of solutions to help you integrate a sparkling aspect into your holiday event. Like Selena, check out the sequin pants! For example, you can choose sequin trousers like Katie Holmes’s in silver. You can easily choose handbag or handbag accessories with rhinestones, shorts or fine jewelry that can be restored at no additional cost. The trick is to skimp on the sparkle and coordinate the piece with other, more discrete elements for an artsy and sophisticated look.

Selena Gomez in gold sequin trousers

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