Selena Gomez’s skincare routine for glowing skin

Selena Gomez wear a fur dreamy and it is obvious the interest he has for the facial carebeing the founder of the brand of make-up RareBeauty. For Vogue magazine, she stated that the skin care It is a way of self-care that is connected to comprehensive well-being: “When you take care of your skin, you are taking care of your body, your mind and your soul, because I believe that everything is connected.”

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In recent days, he shared with his followers on TikTok basic tips of his skin care routine, which generated controversy because Hailey Bieber had published a similar video before and some of her fans pointed to Selena for doing a kind of imitation to make fun of the model, to which she apologized and clarified that this was not her intention. Recall that, a few years ago, Gomez was a couple of Justin Bieber, Hailey’s current husband.

Beyond the controversy, we believe that the step-by-step she shared can be very useful for many, she also revealed some products that she currently uses and are well accepted by beauty lovers. It’s good to keep in mind that your fur it is dry with some oily areas, such as the T-zone.

Selena Gomez’s skincare routine is very practical

use thermal water

In the hot season, facial mists fit like a glove to take care of our furso now is the perfect time to incorporate them into your skincare routine. Selena Gomez sprays Evian thermal water on his face, which helps to hydrate and tone the skin, and is also tolerated by sensitive skin. If you have another brand, do not hesitate to use it, we have also done well with Avène and La Roche-Posay.


Cleans your skin very well

Later apply a face cleaner from the luxury brand La Mer, re-spray your thermal water, and remove makeup and impurities with a towel. He has said on several occasions that her facial cleanliness is very important to her and revealed to Elle that he does not go to bed without removing the make-up. As we know, this step is one of the most important both in the face routine day as well as night.

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Apply special serums

Serums are already essential in our day to day to Take care of the skinbeing lighter in texture, let’s remember that they are applied before the creams. Selena use Dior’s Capture Totale Anti-Aging Serum for the face, which firms the skin. She also uses the eye contour serum from the same line, which has a special applicator to massage the area. So remember not to neglect this delicate area of ​​the face.


hydrates your skin

The actress and singer applies a moisturizing cream from La Mer (use the one that best suits your type of skin and budget), but we look at a very important detail, and that is that not only does it cover the skin of her face with it, but she also wears it in generous amounts on the neckline and neck, areas that many of us sometimes forget.

Pamper yourself with an eye patch

Selena Gómez on this occasion uses Peter Thomas Roth’s gold eye patches, which also contain caffeine, hydrolyzed collagen and moisturizers to reduce expression lines, according to information from the brand. At another point, the artist revealed to Vogue that she used Sephora’s cucumber eye patches, a cheaper and also good option.

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ends the skin care routine which she shared this month on TikTok with her lip balm.

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always wear sunscreen

We do not want to stop mentioning sunscreen because it is essential to have healthy and beautiful skin. For the face routine at daytime, Selena has said that she always wears sunscreen, especially since she suffers from lupus, an autoimmune disease, for which she must be more careful when exposing her fur to the sun. One of the sunscreens she has used lately is from Drunk Elephant, with a sun protection factor (SPF) of 30, the minimum recommended by dermatologists for everyday use.

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