Serena Williams: 40 years old today and retirement postponed


Ulife between smash and showers on green and clay fields. Serena Williams, undisputed queen of tennis turns 40. The black Venus – world champion – was born on September 26, 1981, in Saginaw, Michigan. Strong, fast and versatile Serena is the emblem of girl power: mother, champion, queen, goddess, like the outfit he proudly showed off at the French Open in 2019.

Serena Williams today

Serena looks to the future today. Always fighting racial and gender discrimination. Activist, at the service of African Americans, she has fought against prejudices to increase diversity in the world. Against the shadow of sexism that she lived on her skin (paid less than male colleagues and white colleagues).

Against the body shaming, harassed for a body that is too muscular and masculine, far from the classic canons of beauty. Recently Ion Tiriac – former tennis player and entrepreneur – about her he was allowed to say: “Old and fat, she has to retire“.

Serena Williams turns 40

At the Tokyo tournament, 2018. (Getty Images)

Supported by illustrious friends and confidants such as Michelle Obama, Beyoncé, Kim Kardashian And Meghan Markle which together with her share as objective: the change. Voice of women, and of the black community, The Queen has sided with millions of people who have no voice.

“My mother raised us to be strong women. In this society, we are neither taught nor expected, that we can be a future leader or a CEO. The narrative must change », she reiterated proudly.

Untiring determination

Serena She starts playing as a child between sacrifices and the ability to resist, like André Agassi describes in his Open. Her father puts the racket in her hand when she is only three years old. The rest is history: a grand destiny and extraordinary skills on the pitch. Starting in the late 90s, Serena Williams become the best tennis player of all time with his powerful game, winning multiple Grand Slam titles in a sport generally dominated by white players.

Serena Williams turns 40

At Roland Garros, 2020. (Getty Images)

Hungry and determined to win over the years she has become a female model for everyone. Raised in Compton, a violent neighborhood in Los Angeles, she trains with her sister Venus in the fields with balls that struggle to bounce, shootings in the background and where one of his sisters, Yetunde, was the victim of a stray bullet in a gang fight in 2003.

Style champion

In over 20 years in the spotlight, Serena Williams she took to the field with memorable looks, trendy jewels and the latest jumpsuits. She became famous for hers put Off-White from the front page, in contrast to the classic tennis whites, he has upset every rule with designer color block outfits Puma And Nike and coordinated sneakers.

serena williams

Serena Williams at the Met Gala last, September 13th. (Getty Images)

And even if some of her outfits have sparked controversy, the Olympian has never broken down, nor felt upset. A devoted Jehovah’s Witness, despite wealth and success, she remained grounded. Since 2002, she has also thrown herself into acting, a guest on various television programs and landed a part in Hair Show.

Born performer, Williams she said: “If I hadn’t played tennis, I would have become an actress. I’m the complete queen of drama“.

Life outside of tennis

Glamor inside and outside the tennis courts. With her impeccable style she also dominated the red carpet, unleashing the flashes of photographers at previews or galas. Passionate about Versace, he often opted for models with bold shades and animal prints.


A declaration of love for fashion expressed with the launch of her brand S by Serena. Creations that fit everyone regardless of size. Spokesperson for diversity for an increasingly inclusive fashion.

Serena Williams is Wonder Woman

The legendary tennis player has turned into Wonder Woman in a recent advertising campaign set in the 1980s for DirecTv Stream. Instead of wielding the heroin lasso, she smashes enemies with tennis balls in the commercial that includes the cameo of John McEnroe.

Serena Williams turns 40

Serena Williams transformed into Wonder Woman for an advertising campaign.

And we will see her stronger than ever the protagonist of a new digital comic: Serving Up Justice with Serena Williams And Wonder Woman. While on November 19th it will be released in cinemas King Richard – story of the childhood and the climb to success of Venus and Serena Williams through the eyes of the father-coach of the two tennis players, played by Will Smith.

The lovely daughter Olympia

In 2017 she got married – in a romantic wedding dress Mcqueen – with Alexis Ohanian, the billionaire co-founder of the tech giant Reddit. The couple has a four-year-old daughter, Alexis Olympia who already has a very popular Instagram profile. Since the tennis player was born she hasn’t been far from her a day.

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Serena with daughter Olivia and husband Alexis Ohanian.

Torn between mom life and workouts, he cooks with the baby and takes her out to play. While the love for her husband continues to grow as she stated in a video posted on Instagram: «Alexis does not try to dim my light. It highlights me, even if I don’t want to be, and pushes me towards goals I had never thought of. I feel like I can really shine and still do whatever I want. ‘



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