Seven dead and at least 19 missing after glacier collapse in Italy

Rome – There are already seven fatalities from the detachment of part of the glacier in Marmolada, in the Dolomites (Alps italians), while rescuers continue the search for at least 19 missing persons.

Eight people were injured, including two seriously injured Germans.

The detachment this Sunday of a seracas these fractures in the glaciers are called, occurred between Punta Rocca and Punta Penia, in the Marmorada group between the Trentino and Veneto regions.

The remains of the seventh victim were located during the morning by helicopters and drones that are being used to try to locate the missing due to the impossibility of sending rescue teams, since the high temperatures could cause the huge pieces of ice that are in the area.

Among the deceased there are three identified Italian victims: two alpine guides and a 27-year-old mountaineer, Filippo Bariwho moments before had sent a photo from the glacier to his brother, while there is also a Czech citizen and two other people who have not been identified.

In addition, late in the morning a storm broke out that prevented the search for the disappeared from continuing, which according to Alpine Rescue sources, are at least 19 people: 11 Italians and eight foreign tourists (three Romanians, one French, one Austrian and three Czechs).

According to the president of the Veneto region, Luca Zayawho went to the area to follow the rescue efforts, the missing could be much more, since they would be foreign tourists whose families have not yet raised the alarm.

Some of the witnesses explained that at the time of the collapse there were about thirty hikers in the area.

In the town of Canazei, where the victims have been taken for identification, the Italian Prime Minister, mario draghiwho will meet with the presidents of Veneto and Trentino and the rescue teams.

They are also checking the nearly 16 vehicles that have been since this Sunday in the parking lot of the ski lift that leads to the top from where the trails to climb this part of Marmolada depart.

The rescuers rule out the possibility of finding anyone alive, since those who recovered the first bodies spoke of a total “carnage” with dismembered bodies due to the violence of the tons of stones and ice that came down the mountain at a speed of nearly 300 kilometers per hour dragging everything in its path.

The detachment of this part of the glacier occurred after several days of high temperatures and in that area a record 10 degrees was reached.

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