Several games today fail for the most absurd reason: Not considering that February 29th exists.

If you tried to play one of your favorite games today and found that they do not work The solution may be much simpler than you think: just change the date. Some publications are causing problems today because their systems didn’t take this into account. February 29 exists in leap years, and since today is 2024, we have an extra day.

At first we knew that The final beat of theatrical rhythmmusic game last fantasy, did not bring anything good to those who tried to open it today, February 29th. The community found a solution: change system date It is possible to launch the Square Enix game, although at the moment it is not known exactly why the date does not allow the game to launch.

Electronic Arts confirms the same error in EA Sports WRC

The same thing happened with EA Sports WRC, Electronic Arts’ rally game, the console version of which also failed for the same reason. In this case This was confirmed by the company itself. This is an issue with February 29th, so those who want to play today are advised to change the date to March 1st to avoid errors.

At the moment, it seems that these two games are the ones that suffered from this absurd and curious failure that arose from ignoring the fact that we are in a leap year, although it is possible that other projects with a strong service presence Online They can make a decision today, as well as any other day on February 29th.

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