Several people injured in a knife attack at a school in Wuppertal, western Germany

The alleged attacker is a student who entered the center carrying a knife and was arrested after the attack

Many students of a secondary school in wuppertal (West of Germany) were injured in a knife attack this Thursday, while a suspect has been arrested, police said.

‘Land’ police announced, “There is a large deployment at the location. Students are injured. A suspect has been arrested.” North Rhine-Westphalia In a message on a social network.

According to the tabloid ‘Bild’, at least four teenagers were injured in the attack, although the severity of the injuries is currently unknown.

According to this media, the alleged attacker is a student who entered the center armed with a knife And he was arrested at around 10:20 local time (09:20 GMT), half an hour after security forces arrived at the scene.

A police spokesman, quoted by the regional newspaper ‘Westdeutsche Zeitung’, indicated that the alleged attacker was also injured and, although the background of the events is currently unknown, it cannot be ruled out that he intended to injure. Go to the center or kill as many students as possible.


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